Zelda Breath of the Wild All the Shrine Maps & Location

- Zelda: Breath of the Wild Find all the shrines and the secret shrine - In the vast universe of Hyrule are hidden mystical places called Shrines. Beware, however, because these places are not used for prayer but hide treasures and many dangers. Finding them is not easy, but thanks to this guide you will be able to discover the location of each of them!

In Breath of the Wild there are 120 Sanctuaries to find and explore plus a SECRET SANCTUARY hidden in the depths of Hyrule Castle and reachable only through a special procedure, follow the video guide to find out how!

The map of all the shrines in Zelda Breath of the Wild + DLC The Ballad of Champions

In the following map you'll find the exact location of all the Sanctuaries in the game, including those that are added with the DLC The Ballad of Champions.

The location of all 120 Sanctuaries in the game:

If you prefer a video, the following one shows the location of all the shrines live.

How to unlock the Secret Shrine beneath Hyrule Castle?

Finally also a small video guide to access the Sanctuary hidden under Hyrule Castle:

Audio Video Zelda Breath of the Wild All the Shrine Maps & Location
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