WoW Battle For Azeroth, How to Get the Arathi Mounts

With the new expansion of World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth, a new game mode, the War Front, will be introduced. With it, 5 new exclusive mounts will be added.

The Warfronts draw on the game experience of Warcraft 2 to offer players a real war experience as they try to conquer the fortress with one of the two factions. The background to this battle are the Highlands of Arathi that will see not only a graphic revamp but also a series of new mounts obtainable from rare mobs, in this guide we will reveal how to find them when the expansion will be launched.

Broken Highland Mustant

A beautiful raptor without saddle that uses one of the new models, this mob wanders around the Cascina Dabyrie in the small area in red. It looks like a tough opponent and it is recommended to attack it in two or three.

Swift Albino Raptor

A mount that makes us take a dip in the past recalling the style of the Ivory Raptor, old mount present in vanilla then eliminated from the game, this time in armored version. To get it you'll have to kill the Beastrider Kama, a troll from the Village of the Dryskins who guards one of the roads. Easy enough to beat even in solo.

Whitebark Direwing

Finally we can get a Bat Ride without having to buy the Armored Whitebark Direwing from the store! This fantastic horse can be found by killing the rare Nimar the Slayer always at the Drywall Village. Also easy to knock down on his own despite the add add-ons present.

Lil Donkey

This mount changes location depending on which faction controls the War Front, to get it you'll need to find a Overseer named Krix who will shoot in the two areas marked on the map. We recommend 2 or 3 players to beat him.

Highland Mustang

Even though this horse is actually a creature from the Doomrider Helgrim, we'll be able to conquer it at Arathi. Also in this case the mount changes according to the faction that controls the War Front.

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