Worms Armageddon N64 cheats and codes

Worms Armageddon is a turn-based strategy video game, developed in 2D, published by MicroProse Software, Inc. in 1999 and developed by Team17 Digital Ltd. The game was released on Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Game Boy Color and Microsoft Windows.

Part of the famous Worms series, this title is the sequel to Worms 2, with which it shares the graphics engine. The main changes concern the weapons and equipment, in addition to the game dynamics and the more intuitive interface. Impossible to forget the juicy online sector called WormNET, which initially required registration to the service and divided the registered players into leagues and ranks, a bit like today with many games that make the online part their strong point. Just think of Blood Bowl II - which we always play with pleasure - which basically works in an almost identical way.
Unfortunately, security issues related to digital identity theft forced Team17 to eliminate these functions in the long run. After a period of pause, the service was back on, in an improved and much safer guise. Worms Armageddon can be played campaign modes, with 33 predefined missions, or in single game, this mode that can accommodate up to 6 players.


Water Sheep - Earn a gold medal in Super Sheep Racing Training Mode.
Blue Sheep - Earn a gold medal in Super Sheep Training mode
Indestructible Earth - Complete Mission 25
Invincibility - Earn a gold medal in Crazy Crates Training Mode.
Invisibility - Complete Mission 16
Jetpack - Complete Mission 8
Laser Sight - Complete Mission 4
Turbo Walk - Complete Mission 13
Unlock Everything - Earn a gold medal and an Elite Rank in all modes

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