World of Warcraft: Essential Class Guide

Attention some talents have changed name and icon during patches, however select the one in the corresponding position.

The proposed builds are designed to introduce new players to single target and group mechanics, resource management or for anyone looking for a more simplified gameplay without going into high-level content such as Mythical Shipments and Incursions but wanting to tackle the game without the thought of too many mechanics.


Here are the statistics in order of importance when following this build:

  1. Celerity;
  2. Critical;
  3. Come on;
  4. Versatility;
  5. Mastery.

Celerity allows for greater anger generation with automatic attacks and consequently greater uptime of Fury. The Critical Index becomes almost more important with a high gear.



A build for the most experienced.

The first build is best suited for all content, it requires some training and getting used to timing when using defensive skills as a Last Defense.

A build for Rookie Tanks.

If you're a novice, this passive skill-based build will do the trick, letting you focus on the basics of this role.

Skill rotation

  • Demoralizing Scream.
  • Shield hit; Watch out for reset due to other skills.
  • Thunderclap.
  • Revenge.
  • Breakthrough.

The rotation in this case serves only to generate anger to invest in defensive skills like: Insensitivity and Balance Shield. Use Avatar to enhance your attacks.


Here are the statistics in order of importance when following this build:

  1. Speed;
  2. Versatility / Mastery;
  3. Critical.

Versatility is slightly superior to Mastery but their defense value is so similar that you don't have to prefer one too much to the other.

  1. Mastery;
  2. Versatility;
  3. Celerity;
  4. Critical.


The best talents for the Hunter Survival.

Skill rotation

  • Death Order when available, try not to use it when you have a lot of focus.
  • Fire Bomb.
  • Keep Snake Bite debuff on target.
  • Raptor assault to consume focus.

Eagle Appearance and Coordinated Assault are to be used in case you need range or damage boost.

If you have more than 3 targets use Flaying as much as possible.


Here are the statistics in order of importance when following this build:

  1. Celerity;
  2. Versatility;
  3. Critical;
  4. Mastery.

Animal Family

There are 3 Pet families:

  1. Ferocity (DPS PvE - Raids and Expeditions);
  2. Tenacity (Tank - Leveling);
  3. Skill (DPS PvP).

Depending on the type of game we want to play it is important to always choose the right family.

We recommend that you keep this guide open together with the game to help you better position skills on your action bar and familiarize yourself with builds and rotations.

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