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With the release of Battle for Azeroth, the seventh expansion of World of Warcraft, many new players have found themselves on Azeroth in search of a new adventure. There are those who have decided to take the content with calm starting from level 1 and those who have decided to start in fourth gear using the boost to level 110 offered by 'expansion to land quickly on the coasts of Kul Tiras / Zandalar, in any case if your question is: "What do I do now that I've reached 120?" do not worry because in this guide we will analyze all the activities available in the 'end game of WoW.

A new beginning

The end game of World of Warcraft is considered by almost all players as the 'beginning of the game proper, the time to get serious and put into practice what you've learned by leveling and knowing your class. By end game we mean all the content that can be dealt with once you reach the maximum level of an expansion, in this case 120.

World Missions

This activity was introduced into Legion and involves the completion of daily faction-related missions.

You need to unlock them:

  • To be level 120;
  • Complete the mission Reunite Kul Tiras / Zandalar which requires achieving at least Friendly reputation with the respective factions;
  • Complete the missions of the War Campaign.

Once unlocked they will automatically appear on the map, you only need to head to the location indicated to begin them. Raising your object level will also raise the level of rewards.

What is the map with the available World Missions.

Increase your Gear

The term "Gear" is often used by players to indicate the general status (statistics, rarity, damage) of their equipment. In game is indicated by the Object Level, an average value of all equipped items, which will often grant us access to different contents such as Heroic and Mythical Shipments or Incursions. On average the higher our Object Level the better our gear will be.

How to improve your gear:

  • Complete World Missions;
  • You can buy Item Level 320 capes from different sellers once you have achieved the Honorable reputation with one of the factions;
  • Normal Shipments (To access Heroic Shipments you must have an average Object Level of 305) at level 120 will provide us with equipment at Object Level 310;
  • Mythical Expedition 0 provides items of Object Level 340 and above.
Jameson's gear sucks enough right now...

The power of Azerite

In Battle for Azeroth we are accompanied by a powerful new Artifact, the Heart of Azeroth, which in addition to giving us new powers will increase the Head, Shoulders and Torso Level by 5.

How to collect a lot of Azerite:

  1. Runs on the Islands, make sure you reach the maximum weekly amount of Azerite through this new way to upgrade your Artifact and gain experience with the Honor Brigade / VII Legion;
  2. Complete the Heroic Expeditions.


Reputations have always been one of the key elements of the WoW end game. Increasing reputations with different factions will allow us to unlock rewards such as pieces of equipment and quests to unlock missions, Allied races and the ability to use flying mounts.

  • Among the many factions present, Champions of Azeroth is definitely the most important, every step of this reputation will give us 15 additional points to the Object Level of our Heart of Azeroth.
    • We recommend to buy the Contract - Champions of Azeroth at the auction house as soon as possible or create it with runography to receive 10 additional reputation points for each completed world mission.
  • Another faction to prioritize is the Honour Brigade / VII Legion, which is indispensable to unlock various contents:
    • Honored with 7,500 points to unlock a Mythical Expedition for Horde or Alliance;
    • Revered to finish the War Campaign;
    • Hailed to unlock the Dark Dwarves or the Mag'har Orcs as an allied race.
  • The remaining factions are equally important with their Object Level 335 rewards at Riverito and 355 at Osannato.

Battle for Azeroth Reconnaissance, Part One

The reconnaissance feat was first included in Warlords of Draenor and consists of completing a series of feats to unlock, once part 2 is available, the possibility to fly to the new continent.

The requirements of Part 1:

  • Explore all areas of Kul Tiras and Zandalar;
  • Complete the War Campaign;
  • Complete all missions of Kul Tiras / Zandalar (depending on faction);
  • Complete 100 different World Missions;
  • Be revered with all factions of Kul Tiras / Zandalar (depending on faction).

Coming on September 5th

Part of the Battle for Azeroth end game is not yet available but from September 5 we will be able to try many new activities beyond those listed so far:

  • Normal and heroic Uldir Incursion;
  • War Fronts
  • World Bosses;
  • PvP season;
  • Mythic Shipping Season+.
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