Vampyr - Guide and Solution - How to Get Enough Blood

Sucking blood from victims is a fundamental part of vampires' life and in Vampyr Dontnod we will not be less than that. Sucking blood not only helps to support Dr. Reid, but also has an impact on the citizens of London and should be done with caution. Sucking blood in Vampyr takes several steps, but once you've learned to take the red nectar from the citizens, you'll soon be able to make your way through the alleys of London keeping true to the legends about these nocturnal creatures.

How to collect blood in Vampyr

Sucking blood Vampyr is a great way to satiate Dr. Reid's thirst. Collecting blood will also allow you to use your special vampire skills. Most of the time, we will get blood by sucking it from various citizens of London, but it is not the only way. There are times when Dr. Reid needs blood at inappropriate times during a fight, for example. Well, you can also perform this action during combat against an enemy. Make sure you know when and how to suck blood in Vampyr following the steps below.

"Embrace" your victim

Sucking blood from a citizen is a good way to earn XP quickly in Vampyr . Every London citizen of Vampyr can be "embraced", but it will not be to greet him. This will serve to kill them to suck their blood. Getting close to a victim and bleeding them will lead to their disappearance, but this will also guarantee you a considerable amount of XP, which is necessary to unlock new skills and level up in Vampyr . The two steps to follow are as follows:

  1. To suck the blood of a citizen in Vampyr , start a conversation with him. In the upper left corner, look for the Hypnotize button and press it to start guiding them along the blood path. You have to take the victim into the shadows, or somewhere dark enough not to be seen and then "hug them" to death. Once you have reached an area that is out of sight with your victim, select the Embrace button to start sucking their blood and turning it into lifeblood for you.
  2. Before you can embrace a victim in Vampyr , you have to take note of Dr. Reid's hypnotic level compared to the victim's hypnotic level. Dr. Reid must have a higher level of hypnotization than the victim he wishes to embrace, otherwise his attempt to hypnotize the victim will not work. A citizen's level of hypnotization is indicated by the number next to the hand icon at the top. The hypnotic level denotes a citizen's blood quality, so the higher the hypnotization level, the more XP you gain from sucking blood.

The quality of a citizen's blood can also be improved by discovering information about the person. Learning new details about a citizen can lead to new tips about them that can increase the value and quality of their blood. Take your time to discover useful information about a citizen before making him or her your next victim in Vampyr .

You can bite an enemy during a fight. Reset the grey bar that indicates his resistance. When he is stunned, the Bite icon will appear.

Biting during combat

In Vampyr , Dr. Reid can also use his ability to suck blood against an enemy during combat. To suck someone's blood during a fight, you must first stun them using a sneak attack or hit them hard with a bare-knuckle weapon. Hand-to-hand weapons can usually have special abilities that decrease the resistance of enemies when used.

Keep an eye on the gray bar below the enemy's health bar during combat. When you hit an enemy and empty the gray stun meter, a Bite icon will appear for a brief moment to indicate your chance to strike. Run forward to sink your teeth into your opponent when the Bite icon appears to suck blood and satiate you. Sucking the blood of an enemy during combat will allow you to fill a portion of your blood bar.


When you need to replenish the blood bar without much frills, you can always bite the rats that infest the streets of London. There's usually a lot of rats running around damp alleys. Interact with a mouse to pick it up and take a bite. Rats don't offer as much blood as the guards or other NPCs, but it's better than nothing. It may not even be the most honorable thing for a vampire, but life is hard, even for a lord of darkness.

Now that you know how to effectively suck blood in Vampyr , you should be able to move forward in the game much more easily and become more involved with Dr. Reid.

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