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Vampyr guide and solution - Welcome, thirsty hunters of trophies and achievements, in the most complete guide to the world of Vampyr , the new game developed by Dontnod Entertainment for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The creators of Remember Me and Life Is Strange take us to 20th century London to meet Jonathan Reid, a doctor and a vampire who will have to break his Hippocratic oath to satiate the hunger that rises within him.

The structure of the plot takes a bit 'the system of choices already seen in Life Is Strange: Jonathan Reid's powers and abilities allow him to hypnotize the many characters that make up the open world of Dontnod, forcing them to reveal information or take them to dark places to feed on them. Each character killed in the game, Vampyr however, will be recorded by the game and will change the future of the protagonist.

The trophies of the game are in total 29 (6 bronze, 17 silver, 5 gold) very few related to real gameplay actions and many unlockable through the choices made during the main story and side quests. There will be trophies to collectors and those dedicated to the search for weapons or their improvements through upgrades with some components. In this guide we will reveal the best processes and strategies for easily obtaining all the trophies and achievements of Vampyr .

Vampyr Guide and solution to all trophies and achievements

Our guide Vampyr is up to date with all the tactics and procedures for overcoming missions, finding collectables, unlocking all weapons, fighting bosses and making the right choices.

As we said, some trophies of Vampyr depend on the choices you make, especially with regard to the killing of secondary characters. In these cases there will be a trophy for each of the two choices. To avoid repeating the game all over again, just make a copy of your saves and repeat the unlock point of the trophy to make the alternative choice. You need to do it to avoid repeating the adventure all over again, in fact after the final of the game there will be no post-game in which to go around the city and the game will necessarily have to be started all over again.

When to make a manual save of your progress so as not to start the game again?

Chapter 1 - After the boat ride with Dr. Swansea, make a backup when you arrive at the hospital. At this point there are two trophies that cancel each other out: "Just a bite" and "Merciful Liberation".

Chapter 6 - Make a backup at the beginning of this chapter. At the end of Chapter 6 the game ends and you will need to start it again. So you can complete Chapter 6 without killing anyone and then finish the adventure and take the trophy "Not Once" and then reload the save at the beginning of the article and kill everyone at the beginning of Chapter 6 without killing anyone, make a backup and then finish the game always without killing anyone (Look at the info of the trophy Not Once). Now reload the game at the beginning of Chapter 6 and unlock the remaining achievements. Also collect all collectables and weapons while you complete the adventure (be careful because you might miss some before Chapter 6, see Vampyr -Guide to collectables).

WARNING: By their nature, some trophies and achievements Vampyr contain SPOILERS!

Time is on my side (Platinum - PS4 only)
You get all the trophies.

From here to eternity
Go to the shelter and rest ... Automatic trophy, linked to the story.

At dawn we row
Take a ride with Dr. Swansea. Automatic trophy, tied to history.

Just one bite
Give Clay a hug during your first fight. You'll meet Clay Cox in Act 1 on the dock. You choose to kill him and drink his blood.

Merciful Liberation
Let Clay live during your first meeting. You'll meet Clay Cox in Act 1 on the pier. You choose to let him live.

Eat 10 mice. Rats are everywhere, scan them with R3 to make them more visible. You will get this trophy without even noticing it, but if you need to find rats look in the cemetery north of Pembroke Hospital or the Final Chapter Castle.

Unlife is strange ( Vampyr Guide - Where to find the plant and water it)
Save this poor plant by watering it. This trophy Vampyr is an easter egg that refers to Life Is Strange, previous title of the developers. Even in Life Is Strange the player could water a plant called Lisa. Watering it or not would have led to several consequences on the future of the protagonist Maxine and the game world. In Vampyr order to water the plant and save it from certain death follow these simple steps:

  • In chapter 4, you find pure water in the West End district, in a building on the opposite side of Kimura Tadaos' house.
  • Water the plant in the main character's office in Pembroke Hospital. The plant is in a small pot between the bed and the work table.
  • Sleep for three nights in a row.
  • Interact with the plant to get the trophy. If the plant has not yet grown after the third night, sleep until it grows.

The tools of the profession
Find all melee weapons. Vampyr Help: Find all melee weapons

Keep your distance
Find all long-range weapons. Vampyr Guide: Find all long-range weapons

Favorite weapons
Find all secondary weapons. Vampyr guide: Find all secondary weapons

Bloody Roots ( Vampyr Unlock the game's strongest weapon and solve the riddle in the Temple Church)
Complete the mission "Find the memories of Paulus Aurelianus". Probably another easter egg that refers to another video game developed by Dontnod, Remember Me, in which the protagonist Nilin had to collect memories and was able to manipulate the opponent's memories.

In Vampyr , the memory to collect is the sword of Paulus Aurelianus, hidden under the Temple Church. In Chapter 5, in the West End, you will meet a certain Usher Talltree in the basement under the church. This man will ask you to complete a mission for him in which you must retrieve his notebook. Return to him after you have retrieved it, in Chapter 6, and remember NOT TO READ ABSOLUTELY what is written in his notebook. In this way you will obtain a collectible (see our guide) on the origins of the confraternity of St. Paul. If you look in the top corner of the document you will notice a symbol with black dots next to it. That is the number of the sequence of 6 steps that you will have to use to press the stone slabs under the church and reach the hidden sword of Paulus Aurelianus. The document delivered by Usher, however, is not enough and to discover the whole sequence you have to collect all the collectables until you find the remaining five with the symbols to press.

EXAMPLE - If the symbol WHITE RIM appears in two of the 6 useful documents and near it has the first time 2 black dots and the second 5, it means that the stone slab with that symbol must be pressed second in the sequence and then pressed again for fifth. Remember to stay on a slab until it is completely crushed to the ground before moving on to the next one.

The sequence changes from player to player, here an image to let you understand what kind of symbols to look for to unlock the better sword than Vampyr :

Keeper of traditions
Collect all the collectables. Vampyr Guide: Find all partworks

Hippocratic Oath
Care 10 citizens. In the course of the game will be several citizens to get sick, a situation visible from the yellow spores that float around their waistlines. There are up to 3 levels of spores and each of them worsens the disease and the cost of producing the cure. During the game you will unlock several prescriptions for medicines that you can produce at your work table. You just need to hand it over to the characters to cure them. Cures for Headache, Migraine and Neuralgia can only be purchased from Dorothy Crane in Whitechapel.

That's better.
Enhance a weapon with a component.

Work in progress
Improve a weapon.

Maximum equipment
Upgrade a weapon to level 5. Wait until you reach Chapter 4 and the West End markets where you can buy plenty of materials to upgrade your weapons in safe houses.

Interview with the vampire
Take care of Dorothy's fate. Automatic trophy, linked to the story. It is unlocked at the end of Chapter 2 after meeting Dorothy.

Sacrificial lamb
Take care of Sean's fate. Automatic trophy, tied to history. Unlock at the end of Chapter 3 in the Mines/Sewers area.

Prepare to die
Take care of the fate of Aloysius. Automatic trophy, linked to history. Unlocked in Chapter 5 at the Villa Dawson.

Swansea dying
Take care of Swansea's fate. Automatic trophy, linked to history. It is unlocked at the end of Chapter 5 in the basement of the theatre.

Anarchy in the UK
Turn the neighborhood into a hostile state. Watch the London Burn trophy.

Complete the game. There are 7 Chapters in total, the beginning of Chapter 6 is the point of no return so remember to backup your rescue if you aim to unlock everything.

Not once ( Vampyr Guide how not to kill anyone )
Finish the game without killing any citizens. The most complex trophy in the game, to get it you don't have to drink the blood of any citizen, your main source of XP. That means you NEVER press L1 when you talk to them. Help yourself with the Autophagy skill that allows you to heal yourself from everything and use it together with a weapon capable of absorbing enemy blood. Finally, follow this list of decisions to make related to the story:

  • Save Clay in Chapter 1
  • Save Dorothi in Chapter 2
  • Save Sean in Chapter 3
  • During the fight with Mary in Chapter 3, you can consume the dying man sitting in the cemetery. This will not provide XP like all citizens but only blood to help you in the fight with the Boss.
  • Turn Aloysisus into a vampire in Chapter 5, using XP to do so.
  • Save McCallum in Chapter 5, or let him go without turning him into a vampire.
  • Turn Doctor. Swansea into a vampire in Chapter 5, using XP to do it.

Defeat the beast
Defeat Fergal. Automatic trophy, linked to history.

Hail Mary
Defeat Mary. Automatic trophy, linked to history.

Death on stage
Defeat Doris. Automatic trophy, linked to history.

Bury the hatchet
Defeat McCullum. Automatic trophy, linked to history. The strongest boss in the game, the best strategy to use to take down McCallum is the one based on the Abyss skill. By unlocking this skill you can use it to immobilize the enemy and beat him, then you just have to dodge his attacks and repeat the operation. Don't forget to upgrade your weapon to level 5 and have at least 7 points in the resistance and health bars.

Non-natural disaster
Defeat Disaster. Automatic trophy, tied to history.

London's burning
Turns all the neighborhoods into a hostile state. Vampyr There are 4 districts in total: West End, Whitechapel, The Docks and Pembroke Hospital. You can check the hostile state of a district from the city menu. The quickest way to make a district hostile is to sleep for more than three nights in the safe house in that district so that the disease can spread. Then all you have to do is take to the streets and kill a few citizens to start a panic.

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