Valkyria Chronicles 2 PSP passwords and cheats

Valkyria Chronicles 2 it's a tactical role-playing video game developed by SEGA and published for Sony PlayStation Portable in 2010. It is the sequel to Valkyria Chronicles.

The story is set in 1937: two years have passed since the end of the war between Gaul and the Imperial Federation. However, the conflict between the Empire and the Atlantic Alliance is still ongoing, with Gaul living in fear of a new invasion. In this climate of tension, the Front for the Liberation of Gaul was formed in the south of the country, an ultranationalist movement that pushes to see Gaul independent from the power of the other two kingdoms.
The Front for the Liberation of Gaul is headed by the Grassenhal family and, since the regular army is committed to maintaining this fleeting armed truce, the threat is entrusted to the young cadets of the Landseal military academy. Leon, one of Landseal's best elements, is missing during an operation and is left for dead. The news reaches his brother Avan Hardins, a young mechanic who lives in a southern village. However, something does not match and Avan decides to shed light on the mystery, so as to find, if possible alive, his brother.

The boy signs up with Landseal both to investigate the facts and to fight the rebels. Over time he became commander of the G-Class, to which the students deemed most incapable of the academy are assigned. Here Avan meets Zeri, a Darcsen, and Cosette, a girl whose past is anything but peaceful. Compelling storyline e gameplay fun and varied make Valkyria Chronicles II one of the best PSP games.

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