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Guide and Tricks Utopia: Origin | Utopia: Origin - Play in Your Way is a brand new open-world survival MMORPG where the player spawna at a random starting point in one of the Archipelagos islands and begins his survival journey. You can tame a lot of animals, build a house, explore the open world and there are many things to do.

If you've just started playing and have difficulty understanding the mechanics of the game or looking for tips and tricks, see this guide for the best ways to find resources, make the most of crafting and all the tricks to get ahead more easily.

How to download Utopia: Origin | To download the game, go to -> Google Play | App Store.

Utopia: Origin - Basic Guide

Choice of mode

After accessing the game, you can choose the game mode by tapping the option in the lobby screen. The game allows you to play in world mode and room mode. In world mode, thousands of players play at the same time. In room mode, the server can hold 10 to 50 players at a time.

After making this first choice, you need to choose a second mode that affects the game's internal dynamics: Peace and Chaos. In peace mode, players cannot attack structures, base camps and other players, while in chaos mode, all players are vulnerable, can attack each other and can assault structures. We recommend starting with peace mode as it allows you to learn the basics.

Level 20

After reaching level 20, you will be able to switch from PvP to Peace Mode. If you select PvP mode, other players will be able to attack you. In PvP mode, you can attack any player (above level 20).

In Utopia: Origin , players (below level 20) are protected with a shield. This shield is removed when the player reaches level 20.

How to play with a friend

The game world consists of a number of archipelagos; in the upper left corner, just below the mini-map, you can check the number of the archipelago. If you want to play with friends, then you and your friend must be in the same archipelago. Ask for the number of the archipelago they are in. To teleport, go to the teleport lighthouse -> touch the hand icon -> select lighthouse -> this will open the map where you can see more positions, zoom and browse. At the top left, tap the number of the archipelago and select the server (archipelago) where your friends are staying. After selecting the server, tap a location and press the "go now" button. You need spheres to teleport between servers; defeat Imps to get spheres.


The real challenge is to survive as long as possible. In the upper right corner, you can check the state of your avatar's body; health (heart), hunger (stomach) and thirst (water). To stay alive all the time, you'll need to feed, drink water, and stay healthy.

  • Water - To drink water, find a lake or river nearby and dive into it.
  • Food - explore the environment and look for berry bushes, soft fruits, blueberries. Go near the bush and touch the hand icon to pick some berries. You can consume these items from the inventory (tap the bag button at the bottom). For better food, hunt chickens, pigs and other creatures. If you build the bonfire, you can roast raw meat.
  • Health - Some food in good condition (blueberries, cooked meat) recover health. You can also use the magic wand to recover HP.

Utopia: Origin | Guide to Resources and Crafting

Build a house - You can use floors, walls, doors, roofs, windows and fences, stairs to build a small house on the island. In the upper right corner, tap on the creation menu, select the tab with the hand symbol and open the building menu. From there you can get these objects; stairs, roofs, floors and more. To build these objects, you need resources; wood, straw, clay, stone and more. Explore the map and collect these objects. You can get

  • timber
  • rock
  • magnet from the iron mine
  • mud clay

Tap the + icon on the item to get more details. If you have everything ready, tap the "Create" button.

Constructible Structures

Storage - you can keep a number of items. Build a warehouse and store the items there. Make sure you place it near the lighthouse portal or sleeping bag to remember where it is. You can trace the sleeping bag on the mini map.
Bonfire - protects you from some monsters and keeps your body warm, and you can also use it to roast raw meat. You can control the temperature at the top left.
Work table - allows you to build structures.
Sleeping bag - you can follow it on the map and note the location to always find your base camp
Furnace - use it to refine minerals

Collecting and exploring - To create some objects, you need materials. For example, to make weapons, armor, you need iron, balls, crystal and more. For these items, you will need to explore the entire map. At the top left, tap the minimap -> zoom out to see all positions. Some parts of the map are covered in fog while you can visit some areas through the lighthouse portals. Continue to explore and collect to find rare resources.

How to tame animals

Taming an animal or creature helps Utopia: Origin you explore faster; you can explore a vast area in no time by riding a horse or unicorn. But the domestication process is not easy. Here are the methods to tame animals in Utopia: Origin .

  • Stunning with a wooden stick
  • Give food and make them happy
  • Using the Capture Item

Stunning - Use a wooden object (you can create a wooden stick with 20 pieces of wood (tap the processing icon at the top right -> go to the hand shaped tab -> weapon) Use this object to hit animals and reduce their health. After hitting the animal a couple of times, the game will tell you that the animal is stunned. Keep in mind that you must not kill the animal.

Feed -> Once stunned, touch the hand icon (approach the animal). After that, that animal will show you its favorite food. If you have that food, put it in the link bar (touch the bag -> touch food -> link bar). When you're done, tap the food item from the shortcut bar at the bottom.

The recipe for each animal is different. For example, some horses need carrots while others don't. Explore the map and find food.

Use the Capture item -> After feeding the animal a couple of times, the game will show you the message "the animal is now happy and ready to be captured". Use the Capture Item to tame it. For different animals, there is a different item. For example, to tame the horse, you need a mount. To capture pets, you can use the collar.

You can create these objects. Tap the creation icon in the top right corner -> in the left menu, choose the hand -> then choose the section of the elements -> under the companion & mounts options, you have the options to create all these capture elements.

Pet selection
At the top left, near the mini-map, tap the menu button -> pet -> from there you can select the medium you want to explore with.

Utopia: Origin | Tricks for iOS and Android

Doma as soon as possible a horse
The horse helps you to explore and accumulate resources quickly; you'll be able to cover very large areas, even fog-covered, and collect rare and valuable items. In addition, if you travel long distances on foot, you will consume time and food. So, to progress quickly in Utopia: Origin , we recommend that you tame a horse as soon as possible; feed it with carrot and use the saddle.

Start by building a house near the teleportation beacon
In Utopia: Origin , you can build a lot of structures: furnace, workbench, storage and more. Instead of placing all these structures in a random place, it would be better to place them at home. So the first thing we recommend you do is to build a house and do it near a portal, so you can travel quickly.

Assemble the backpack
There are some items that are very rare and cannot be found near the lighthouse area. You will have to explore many islands on the map for these items. Before you go to these areas, make sure you pack your backpack and add enough essential resources; lots of food (cooked meat), wood (for handmade weapons), drinks (milk bottles).

Use the magic wand to retrieve HP
The magic wand is one of the best objects of Utopia: Origin . You can build it with 10 pieces of wood and a magnet. After that, you have to draw a symbol on the pad with the wand to activate the magic. This is how:

Equip the magic wand -> tap the green wand icon at the bottom right to open the pad -> draw a circular symbol -> tap the control button -> after tapping the control button, hold the pad for a few seconds. This will recover HP.

Recover lost items
If the player dies in the game, the body will regenerate (you can select the teleportation beacon). In addition, all objects in the backpack will disappear. You can retrieve all these objects by visiting the same place. You will find the bag there. However, time is limited, so be quick.

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