Until Dawn - Love Story with Jessica, Relationship

- Until Dawn LOVE HISTORY WITH JESSICA: Guide to the choices you have to make with Mike to make love with Jessica!!!

Jessica is one of the sexiest stars of the game. If you want to have a chance to make her yours and see her in a sexy lingerie, at the end of chapter 3, you just have to follow our guide:


1-Win the SNOW BALLS battle against MIKE by always hitting the boy, avoiding his blows and choosing not to do anything when the bird lands on the table.
2-Choose to KISS MIKE at the end of the snow battle.


1-Choose to always give reassuring answers in Jessica's favor.
2-Choose to run immediately HELP Jessica when she falls into the mine.


1-Always give reassuring and supportive answers and admit that you have FALLEN in YOUR Jokes.
2-DON'T WAIT Jessica with the MASK found in the small wooden shed.
3-Choose to CONSOLE the Poor Hurt Deer.
5-Fulfill all the girl's requests such as lighting the CHIME, ATMOSPHERE LIGHT etc.
6-If JESSICA does not feel READY, you give REASONING RESPONSIBILITIES, encouraging the girl.

If you've done all the previous steps correctly, you'll be able to start your love affair with Jessica.

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