Until Dawn - How to Unlock the Secret Ending

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- Until Dawn Secret Ending: Find out how to unlock the secret video hidden after the credits of Until Dawn !

In addition to the various endings of the game already listed in our Endings GUIDE, there is an alternative ending, or rather, a secret video that can be viewed after the end credits of the game, without skipping them and completing a certain task within CHAPTER 10:

-SAM in the MINERY-

1-Jump into the water and skirt the left wall until you pick up the Vital Index of the Diary located above an overhang that can be reached via a point to climb.

2- Read all the DIARY you can find on the ground.

The DIARY, considered a Vital Index by the game itself, shows Hannah's last moments of lucidity before she loses her mind completely and...This DIARY will lead SAM to reveal the truth about his sister to JOSH but, at the same time, will condemn the boy to a fate far worse than death that you can see in the video after the credits.

Audio Video Until Dawn - How to Unlock the Secret Ending
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