Until Dawn - How to Kill Everyone, This is the End

- Until Dawn How to Kill Everyone TO THE NEW ALBA: The guide with a complete solution to the choices and procedures for killing all the characters that populate the mountain of the game:

IMPORTANT: The guide is written so that you will get as many trophies as possible in a single match.

Let's get it over with.

No one survived until dawn.
It means that EVERYTHING is clear if the very few other characters in the game have to die in order to unlock the trophy, but following our guide you will exterminate all life forms encountered.


-Where to begin-
Once finished the game and unlocked the EPISODES menu you don't need to start a NEW MATCH but you just need to start playing from CHAPTER 5, then it depends a bit on how you played your first game, it's possible that almost everyone died and you just need to change something in the last chapter to get this trophy. Choose where to start based also on the next section Butterfly Effect.

-Butterfly Effect-
The butterflies in the menu show the choices made during your last game. If from the EPISODES menu you start playing from chapter 7 until the end the choices you made previously until chapter 7 remain while the choices you make afterwards will be changed.

-What to do-
Just do as described in each chapter of the guide below. What is not mentioned should be done as you wish.

-Quick Time Event (QTE)-
The QTEs are the various keystrokes to press during the game and the phases in which to stand still with the controller. Unless otherwise specified in the guide below, you will need to complete them perfectly, without ever missing a key or moving when you need to stand still (if you can't keep your hands still, place the controller on a table).


To get this trophy, if Jessica died dead in the chapters before 5 all the better. If, on the other hand, the girl is still alive and she crashed downstairs with the elevator don't be alarmed, you can start the same from chapter 5 so much later we will find a way to make her die properly.



-In the SANATORY with MIKE-

1-Don't touch the MECHANICAL HAND in the OBJECTIVE and proceed further.

2-Don't hit the LUPO, but come closer and caress it several times.

3-open the trunk on the altar at the end of the room with the Wolf. Take the BONE from the inside and give it to the wolf cub.




1-Walk quietly among the Deer and don't hit the last one with ASCIA.


1- Climb to the top of the RADIO TOWER.

2--Out and activate the power from the BOX with the switch immediately to the left of the exit door.

3--DON'T pick up the GUN from the RED BOX outside the top of the radio tower.

4-Activate the radio and call for help.


1-When prompted to SAVE EMILY or JUMP and SAVE, choose both times to JUMP.

OPTIONAL-If you choose to SAVE EMILY both times, this will result in an instantaneous MATT DEAD. It's your choice, I've made him die later and in company.


1-After you have opened the CHILDREN'S HOUSE, continue to the next room and take the scissors under the BLUE BOOK in the cabinet on the right.

2-After finding SAM, Chris will be attacked. As soon as the enemy turns his attention to you, aim his ARM and plant the scissors on it. (TROPHY THE PSYCHOPATH)

-CHRIS and ASHLEY tied up under ROTARY SAWS-




1-During the escape from the monsters you will find a BIVIO. Choose to go LEFT to the ACENSOR.

2-Activated the elevator continue to the FURNITURE TAPE, take it but get off at the first opportunity and continue to the top.

3-Continue passing all the QTEs perfectly, if you did everything right and didn't take the rocket launcher gun in chapter 6, EMILY will BITE the monster.

-CHRIS back from CAPANNO-

1- Escape all enemies by first shooting the man's BOMB with the newly dead flame thrower. Then run into the woods and pass all QTEs, shoot the enemy when he asks you to, and once in front of the house door shoot the other tank on the right.

2-Get to the door ASHLEY will remember that you shot him and leave you outside making CHRIS DIE killed by the monster. (ASHLEY TROPHY TOOK IT).

OPTIONAL-Wanting you can choose to let Chris die even while escaping from the monsters by missing the QTEs but you won't get the ASHLEY SE L'E' PRESA trophy.

-MIKE in the CELLAR-

1-EMILY is considered infected because of the BITE. When the game asks you to, shoot him in the face with MIKE. (EMILY'S EXORCISM TROPHY)




1-Wrong all QTEs in the main courtyard where you will hear a noise coming from behind a small tank on the left. A monster will attack you, keep doing nothing and mistaking all the QTEs, the WOLF will die to save your life.

2-Scapades and at the BIVIO go straight. Once locked inside the CELL, don't shoot the monster but let it go.

3-Get out of the cell to see the monster come back. Do nothing and you will be landed and trapped in the SANATORY.


1-Follow SAM and go down into the TOMBIN.

2-Follow through the tunnel until you hear a VOICE. Choose to follow the VOICE instead of reuniting with the group.

3-Prosecute until you find a BOTTLE on the left. Open the trapdoor to see ASHLEY DIE. (TROPHY YOU LET THE WRONG ONE IN! )

-SAM in the MINERY-

1-Finished the climb go down to the left and continue to the PORTA. Open it and reach the SANATORIO by crossing the small wooden bridge on the right.

2-Save MIKE from the monsters and run away.


-SAM in the MINERY-

1- Step into the water and go immediately to the right WITHOUT picking up the VITAL ADDRESS of the DIARY located above a ledge on the left.

2- Get out of the water and open the DOOR.

3-Reach JOSH.

-MATT and/or JESSICA in the MINERY-

OPTIONAL-If one of these two characters has died before, you will not meet him or her alone with the other and you can go directly to point 2 of this section. If both have previously died this section is skipped from the game.

1-Prosecute with MATT until you meet JESSICA.

2-Drive forward in the MINERY until you meet the monsters.

3-Wrong all the QTEs and at the first choice DO NOT CHOOSE ANYTHING, condemning both MATT and JESSICA to DEATH.

-JOSH in the MINERY-

1-Proseguite and go down into the water.

2-If at the beginning of the chapter you did as described and did not take the VITAL ADDRESS, the monster will KILL JOSH leaving MIKE time to escape.


1-Downstairs and in the cinema hall you will be attacked by enemies who will force you to escape upstairs (closing the door or not is of no importance, I left it open to let in as many monsters as possible).

2-Turn back upstairs you lose your QTE by moving when you see the enemy on the chandelier.

3-Lose all QTEs by always moving when he asks you to stay still. SAM will be KILLED by monsters.


1-Wrong all QTEs by always moving when asked to stay still. MIKE will end up on the ground and then there is only one thing left to do: the lighter!


3-Complements! You have killed all life forms on the mountain!

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