Unirally Super Nintendo cheats and codes

Unirally, video game known as Uniracers in the North American market, it is a title developed by DMA Design and Nintendo of America in 1994 for SNES. In PAL markets, the game was released in April 1995.

Unirally it is focused on fast-paced action and was designed at the time to demonstrate that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System could match the capabilities of the Sega Mega Drive and games such as Sonic. In Unirally they fly unicycles driverless racing. The tracks are in 2D and great emphasis is given to stunts that can be done along the paths.
With each stunt performed you gain speed (if you are competing) or you earn points if you are facing a competition of stunt. The goal is always and in any case to perform impressive numbers, without running into errors that involve the loss of the extra speed accumulated.

The game consists of 9 tours of 5 tracks each, for a total of 45 internships. The unicycles to choose from, on the other hand, are 16, each of a different color and with a customizable name.


Enter the following password: CTGXF

Enter FAE_DINE, where the dash “_” stands for a space, as the player name. Your opponents will run as if they were drunk.

Hold Y before the race starts and release it as soon as it starts.

At the title screen, hold DOWN + L + R and press B.

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