Tips and Tricks for Mobile Games

Tricks, secrets and tips for mobile games

Mobile games were already present in the oldest terminals of this type and have always been a great resource and source of fun. With the passage of time and the evolution of these towards the already popular Smartphones, mobile games have become real competitors of video games from other platforms with the advantage of always being able to carry them in your pocket.

At ResourcesForGames we have a great collection of tricks and secrets for your mobile games that can help you overcome the most difficult levels or simply squeeze the maximum. They are very easy to use and you won't need to download additional applications or rotate the receiver. All this is completely free.

The best tricks for online mobile

Today many mobile games have online features to share progress with our friends or compete directly against them. Our tricks will also be useful for them as they are totally safe, you can use them without the threat of being banned or expelled from the servers and thus become the best player among all your friends.

What kind of mobile phone tricks can you find here?

There are many types of tricks you can find on our website, from traps to get unlimited resources to secrets to get all the unlockable content that is hidden in different games. We also have the best tips and we will reveal the secrets so that you can get all the trophies and achievements quickly and easily.

Minimum requirements for Android

  • CPU Speed: Quad Core 1.2GHz
  • RAM (GB): 2 GB
  • Main camera - Resolution: >3.0 MP
  • Internal (GB): 16 GB
  • External: It can accept MicroSDs (e.g. up to 64GB) to expand memory if needed.
  • Location: GPS, Google Play Services
  • Android version: 5.X, preferably with Android 6 or higher
  • Connection: Wi-Fi and 4G (data service) to work with the data service

Minimum IOS requirements

  • IPhone: Have an iPhone 5S or higher
  • iPad: iPad mini 2, iPad 5a, iPad Air or iPad Pro.

Secrets and curiosities Android

  • Android is from Google, but it wasn't born there but was purchased in 2005 by the company Android Inc. The announcement of the Android system became official in November 2007, shortly after Apple introduced the first iPhone.
  • The first phone available on the market to use Android was the HTC Dream, released to the public on October 22, 2008.
  • The operating system is based on Linux and the programs are written in Java. This system is "condensed" into 12 million lines of code.
  • The name Android refers to the movie Blade Runner, which is based on a novel entitled Do androids dream of electric sheep, in which androids called replicants are the main characters, especially the Nexus 6 models, the name now used by Google for its devices.
  • The names of the Android versions refer to the names of the desserts, obviously in English

IOS Secrets and Curiosities

  • On iPhones always appear at the same time as in Apple ads: the company's events on the block start at 9 am, and the ads are ready to appear 40 minutes after the start of the presentation. Although they realized that those 40 minutes are almost never exactly reached, so they recently set the time on the models that appear in the announcements at 9:41.
  • The iPhone was proclaimed Invention of the Year by Times magazine in 2007, having been considered a totally revolutionary invention in that year.
  • The first name it had was "Viola". When it was still a prototype, developers called this Smartphone model "Purple", they even called "Purple Dorm" the area of Apple's headquarters where development took place.
  • Samsung manufactures processors for iPhone. Yes, it's a bit shocking as they are fierce competitors in this smartphone business, but Apple has entrusted the production of its processors to the Asian company for some time, although the design of the processors is done by Apple, of course.
  • To produce the iPhone, Apple has registered up to 200 patents. This ensures that no competitor can copy them, which is why these devices remain truly unique.

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