Tricks The Elder Scrolls Skyrim : Cheats and Codes!

We've found for you all the tricks of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim , the famous Cheat that you'd love to use so much, but then it's not good .... but then "I'm game if I finish it so what's the fun ..." we at , want to be tempting devils and we've found all the codes to insert in the game console.

Please note that to access the console you will need to press the ""key located below the Esc key while you are inside Skyrim.

Skyrim Tricks

  1. Sexchange: This cheat will change sex for your character, but will leave him the same face. You can imagine the results!
  2. Showracemenu: With this cheat you can completely change race and face whenever you want!
  3. PSB: With this trick you will conquer all the magic and screams!
  4. TGM: The GOD mode: infinite life, infinite money, no weight as you like!
  5. Player.additem 00000f xxx: xxx indicates the amount of money to add to your inventory. Ex: Player.a dditem 00000f 200 to have 200 more gold coins.
  6. Player.additem 00000a xxx: xxx indicates the amount of picks to add to your inventory. Ex: Player.a dditem 00000f 200 to have 200 more picks.
  7. TCL: The mythical " Fly mode , with which you can fly for the map!
  8. Advlevel : you will increase your level but without adding skill points or increasing your characteristics.
  9. Tdetect : always hidden, it will be impossible to unveil you
  10. AdvancePCSkill (skillname) # : Sets the skill level. In the parenthesis enter the name of the skill. In place of the # set the skill level you want to set.
  11. Player.IncPCS [Skill Name]: Increases the level of a skill by 1. Write in the square brackets the name of the skill you want to increase by 1.
  12. player.modav carryweight # : Set the weight you can carry with you. Instead of the gate, write the weight you want to carry!
  13. Kill: Select an enemy with the bow and then write Kill in the console: he will die immediately!
  14. Killerall: Kills all the enemies in the vicinity of the
  15. help: show all console commands
  16. Location" coc - Teleports you to the selected location.
  17. coc qasmoke - Teleports you to a room full of objects to use in play
  18. player.advlevel - Force a Level Up (no perk is added)
  19. caqs - Complete all quests of the current mission
  20. tmm,1 - Activate/deactivate the destination on the map
  21. tfc - Activate Free Room mode
  22. saq - Start all quests (Tip: Not a particularly useful trick, avoid activating all quests so as not to risk compromising many)
  23. qqq - Get out of the game
  24. tai - Deactivate AI (enemies get stuck)
  25. tcai - Disable AI in enemy combat (enemies get stuck)
  26. tg - Activate/deactivate the grass
  27. tm - Activate/deactivate game menus and HUD
  28. tfow - Activate/deactivate the fog
  29. resurrect - Resurrect the enemies you are targeting
  30. unlock - Unlock what you're aiming at (trunks, drawers, doors, etc.).
  31. lock X - Lock selected trunks and doors (instead of X enter a numerical value from 1 to 100)
  32. removeallitems - Remove all objects of the selected NPC
  33. movetoqt - Teleport to the target of the quest
  34. enableplayercontrols - Enable controls during kinematics
  35. tdetect - Activate/deactivate enemy AI during thefts
  36. setownership - Change ownership
  37. duplicateallitems - Duplicate objects
  38. fov XXX - Change the field of view.
  39. advancepclevel - Increase your Level
  40. advancepcskill (skill name) X - Increases the level of a skill
  41. advskill [[skill]]] XXX - gives the player the desired skill points to put in place of XXX at a skill of his choice
  42. setpcfame - Set the fame of the selected character
  43. setpcinfamy - Set character infamy
  44. player.modav [ability] [number] - Command that strengthens or weakens an ability based on the value entered: for example, if the Illusion ability is at level 50, "player.modav illusion 10" will add 10 points to the ability to 60, while "player.modav illusion -10" will remove 10 points from the ability to 40. In the first case, the ability will increase the carried weight of X (value to add)
  45. player.modav Dragonsouls X - Adds a dragon soul in the board to improve the Screams.
  46. player.setav speedmult X - Increase the speed of movement, the X indicates a percentage value
  47. player.setav Stamina X - Sets the Stamina
  48. player.setav Health X - Set Health
  49. player.setcrimegold X - Set the size in a city. Set 0 if you want to delete any size.
  50. player.setav Magicka X - Set Magicka
  51. player.setlevel X - Set Level
  52. player.placeatme X - It spawnare an NPC where you are, where X is the name of the NPC
  53. player.setscale X - Changes the size of the player, where X is a numerical value and 1 is the normal size.
  54. player.IncPCS [Skill Name] - Increases the value of a selected skill by one.
  55. target].getavinfo [attribute] - This command will display a list of information about the skills and attributes (health, skills, etc.) of a specific target. You can omit "target" if you click on the target before sending the command, or you can replace it with "player" if you want information about your character.
  56. player.additem XXXXXXXX "###"- Adds an item to the inventory, where XXXXXXXX is the item code, and ### is the number of items of the same type you want.
  57. player.additem 0000000f "999" - Adds 999 units of Gold
  58. player.additem 0000000a "100" - Adds 100 Picks
  59. player.addperk XXXXXXXX - adds the indicated perk, where XXXXXX stands for the perk code
  60. player.removeperk XXXXXX - delete the indicated perk, where XXXXXX stands for the code of the perk

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