Tricks The Division for Unlimited Crafting Materials

The Division It is the game of the moment, and certainly thousands of users are looking for some trick to get the better of enemies online. Today, without downloading dangerous programs, we point out tricks for The Division.

The trick is about Crafting Materials. During the game go to Matchmaking and select "Free Roam" in Automatch. Once you've entered another player's game, go around collecting all the materials you find outside of the Pennsylvania Plaza Base. Two boxes are located at the end of the street next to the two trucks next to the parked cars. After you have finished collecting everything, go to "Manage Group" and click to leave the group. Normally resources reappear after a couple of hours, but if you have done as described above, they will reappear immediately, unless another player has anticipated you. In this case, enter another player's game and repeat the steps. Repeating this trick will give you unlimited resources. However, it is likely that sooner or later the developers will make a patch that will make the trick impossible.

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