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Pokemon Sun and Moon tricks: 13 secrets to know - Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon our constantly updated bible collects all the tricks and things you need to know while playing the new chapter of the Pokemon saga. The game in particular has several differences compared to the previous chapters of the series: for example some Pokemon moves have been nerfated, so don't expect to find the same statistics! Even the MNs have disappeared, to make way for the MTs. New debut for Z moves as well. New Pokemon to get, rare Pokemon and much more in these tricks. We also made the complete solution of the game that guides you step by step to the islands of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon .

1) Pokemon Form Alola

Some Pokemon can be different from how you have always remembered them: their Alola shape differs mainly in aesthetics and some skills. How come? It's soon said: the setting of the game is a video game transposition of Hawaii and it's called Alora. This group of islands in which the game is set has a particular microclimate that has forced some pokemon to adapt to the environment. That's why many of them are different from colas we remember them! Here is a list and photos of the Pokemon:

From the photo we can recognize: Aloa Rattata, Aloa Raticate, Aloa Raichu, Aloa Sandshrew, Aloa Sandslash, Aloa Vulpix, Aloa Ninetales, Aloa Diglett, Aloa Dugtrio, Aloa Meowth, Aloa Persian, Aloa Grimer, Aloa Muk, Aloa Exeggutor, Aloa Marowak.

2) The New Pokemon of Pokemon Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Pokemon introduce several new Pokemon to the game, which we will learn about for the first time as we venture into Alola's universe. What are these Pokemon? It's soon said: with the image below we can visually summarize all the new Sun and Moon Pokemon. Among the others we find: Gumshoos, Grubbin, Mudbray, Komala, Minor, Null, Shiinotic, Dewpider, Nihilego, Muk, Necrozma, Kartana, MInor, Stuffy and many others that you can see below

3) All Pokedex of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

We found pictures showing all the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon pokedex. Below you can see one of them but if you click on it you will be miraculously transported to the complete Pokedex!

4) Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Which starter to choose.

Choosing the starter is a fairly subjective thing: the statistics of the 3 Pokemon Starter (which we remember are the same for the Sun Pokemon and Moon Pokemon version) are quite equivalent. Let's see the peculiarities together:
- Rowlet - like: Grass/Flying - Rowlet sneaks up on the enemy, gliding without making the slightest noise, and the storm of powerful kicks! From his plumage he extracts very sharp leaves that allow him to launch deadly attacks from a distance.

Evolution: Rowlet -> Dartrix -> Decidueye (grass/spectrum type)
Exclusive Z move: Spectral Dart Assault Decidueye slices through the air by hurling its feathers like a shower of arrows and plunges on the target to launch the decisive attack.

- Litten - type: Fire - Its oily hair is highly flammable and constitutes a powerful weapon. By igniting the lumps of hair accumulated in his belly during his grooming, Litten is able to spit flames against his opponent. When it comes time to moult, the hair ignites in a spectacular blaze.

Evolution: Litten -> Torracat -> Inceneroar (fire/dark type)
Exclusive Z move: Hyperschianto of Darkness Incineroar jumps high into the air and throws itself at the target, emitting flames from the waistband of fire.

- Popplio - type: Water - Popplio moves with agility in water, swimming at a speed of over 40 km/h. On land he is more awkward, but taking advantage of the elasticity of his water balloons he performs jumps and acrobatic figures.

Evolution: Popplio -> Brionne -> Primarina (water type/follet)
Exclusive Z move: The Primarine Sea Symphony voice controls a huge water balloon, causing it to explode over the target and causing massive damage.
If these descriptions are not enough to choose which starter inspires you the most, we can tell you that we chose Litten: assuming that none of the three starters has a particularly attractive graphics or abilities that make you cry out for a miracle, Litten seemed to us the most balanced and aesthetically pleasing. In any case, we kept him for the first 15 hours of the game because he can have his say for some time.

5) Z moves: what they are and how they are done

Z moves are one of the main novelties we can find in the game. It's a special move with unprecedented power that you can only use once per fight. In order to use a Z move, the Pokémon must have a Z Crystal and, in addition, must know a move of the same type as the Crystal. Z moves are different for each type of Pokemon, (earth, psycho, fire, etc.) but we can even find some Pokemon that have additional specific Z moves that only belong to them. In paragraph 1 we saw for example how the three starters have exclusive Z Moves, but they are not the only ones.
- The Tapu are the Pokemon guardians of the islands. During the storiali we will meet them and their Z move is really particular. Called "Wrath of the Guardian" it allows them to lock themselves inside their shells, while from the ground appears a huge avatar that hits the target inflicting damage equal to 75% of its current PS. A devastation in short!
- Pikachu Z move Exclusive "Super Pikaboom". This move is Pikachu's most powerful attack ever. It allows the Pokemon to accumulate a great energy of electricity thanks to the trainer's mental energy and to throw this energy against the enemy.
- Eeve Exclusive "Evolutionary Enhancement" Z Move. Convey the power of all the evolutions of this Pokémon, Sylveon, Jolteon, and all the others, increasing almost all of its stats by two degrees: Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.
- Snorlax Mossa Z exclusive "Now I'm serious". A devastating Z move that reveals Snorlax's hidden power for the first time.

- Raichu of Aloa Mossa Z exclusive "Electrosurfing Impressive". A move that allows Raichu to turn his tail into a surf and attack the enemy at full power.

6) Importing Pokemon from the Demo and Old Versions of the game

Are you an acolyte Pokemon player and have you played all versions of the Nintendo game? The Pokemon bank is aimed exactly at you: once you upgrade, the bank is also compatible with the Sun Pokemon and Moon Pokemon games. You can import Pokemon captured in Red Pokemon, Blue Pokemon and Yellow Pokemon for Virtual Console as well as Pokemon Ruby Omega, Pokemon Sapphire Alpha, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Greninja shape ASH
The Greninja of the demo, the same used by Ash in the cartoon. To unlock it you simply have to finish the demo. This Pokemon is much more powerful than any other Greninja and unique because it is able to use the Morphos tuning ability that makes it even stronger!

To lock all the other bonuses in the demo and import them into the game follow our Dedicated Guide to unlock and import the Sun and Moon Pokemon demo bonuses!

7) Differences between versions of the game

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are two sides of the same coin. The difference between the two games is only and exclusively of setting and on some Pokemon. As for the setting in fact the time zone of Pokemon Sole game will be the one indicated in your console (so the time will correspond with the real one) while in Pokemon Luna the time zone will be 12 hours ahead. As for Pokemon the differences are more marked: Rockruff will have two different forms, the dominant Pokemon are different (Solgaleo for Pokemon Sun, Lunala for Pokemon Moon), a type of Ultracreatura is different as well as different Pokemon. Read the FULL LIST OF DIFFERENCES BETWEEN POKEMON SUN AND MOON.

8) List of new moves inserted in Pokemon Sole and Pokemon Luna

Mosse Z Peculiari:

Blazing Gigascope

Pokemon type Elettro

Blazing Floriscope
Pokemon type Grass

Detonating flame bomb
Pokemon type Fire

Abyssal Water Vortex
Pokemon type Water

Furious Hypercharge
Pokemon type Fight

Spectral Embrace
Spectrum type Pokemon

Super Pikaboom

Pikachu exclusive Z move

Electrosurd Electrosurd
Z move exclusive Raichu Aloa

Potentially evolutionary
move Z exclusive Eeve

Now I'm serious.
Snorlax exclusive Z move

Wrath of the guardian
move Z exclusive to the four Tapu guardians

Moves introduced in the game

Foliage - Damage without additional effects - used by Rowlet and other grasses
Braccioteso - Attacks not affected by changes in opponent's stats - used by Inceneriroar
Shadow Seams - Damage and does not allow to withdraw the Pokemon - used by Decidueye
Ephemeral singing - attacks and cures the sunburn of those who are hit - used by Primarina
Trap shell - protects against attack and counterattack - used by Turtonator
Synchrodanza - exclusive move of the four oricory - fits the oricory that uses it
Imposition - makes an ally repeat the move used - used by Oranguru
Rocciarapida - high priority move - used by Lyncaror
Clamorsquame - damage - used by Kommo -o
Tropicalcio - Grass-type move that reduces opponent's attack - used by Tsareena
Multi-attack - move changes according to the object held by the pokemon- used by Silvally
Astrocarica - ignores adverse abilities - used by the dominant pokemon Solgaleo
Shadow Ray - ignore opponent's skills - used by lunala
One thousand arrows - bring opponents back to the ground in flight - used by Zygarde 10%
Thousand waves - prevents opponent's escape - used by Zygarde 50%
Nucleocastigo - cancel opponent's ability - exclusive to Zygarde Perfect
Fiorcannone - attack that reduces Margearna's special attack by 2 levels - used by Magearna
Wrath of Nature - halves the opponent's PS - used by the four Tapu (koko, lele, bulu, fine).

9) Pokemon Sun and Moon: the nerf to moves

Some moves have been "nerfate" in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon compared to their effect in previous generations of Pokemon. What does "nerfate" mean? It's a specific term that indicates the lowering of skill statistics, damage etc. Basically it's a synonym for "depowering". You nerfate abilities mainly to maintain a balance in the game, so to avoid that some statistics of some move, attack or ability is too strong or too unbalanced compared to the others. Let's see together what are these abilities that have undergone this treatment from this chapter of the Pokemon saga:

- Confusion: chance of confusion lowered to 33% compared to the previous 50%.

- Paralysis: can only lower the lens speed by 1/2 and not more than 3/4

- Burning: inflicts only 6% damage, lowered from the previous 12%.

- Aliraffica: now gives priority only if used to maximum health

10) Ultra Beasts: all statistics

The Ultra beasts in the game are scary, strong and mysterious. We have found all their features: hp, attack, defense, special attack, defense special attacks, etc..

Nihilego: This Nihilego seems to be very balanced with health and defense in first place, though not particularly lethal.

Buzzwole: Attack and defense are its strengths, it looks like a very enhanced version of Pokemon Coleoptera Heracross.

Pheromosa: Crazy speed, lethal attack but defense that makes water on all sides.

Guzzlord: High health and powerful attack makes it one of the most dangerous ultra-creatures. Its weak point is its speed, which is really low.

Xurkitree: A special attack (in the SPA stats) really amazing electrical type is scary just looking at it.

Celesteela: Well balanced statistics with a not particularly high speed for a steering wheel

Kartana: HP really low, as well as defense against special attacks (SpD). Its strengths are its extremely powerful base attack and speed.

Necrozma: balanced creature, with an armour that allows him to defend himself against attacks in a superior manner to others.

11) Mythical Magearna: how to redeem it

The Pokemon RARO Mythical Magearna will be available from next December 6, both in Europe and North America, although in two different ways that we will now list.

-Step 1: For all users - Finish the game

-Step 2: European Users - Redeem Mythical Magearna via the QR code available via the Pokémon TV app

Step 2: North American Users - Redeem Mythical Magearna using the QR code found on the official Pokémon website

We remind you that Mythical Magearna can be obtained no later than March 2017.

12) MT Pokemon Sun and Moon

In this new Pokemon adventure there are only the MTs. Unlike the previous games there are no MNs so don't bother looking for them! As for the MTs, instead, we have created a dedicated guide:

During the main story you defeat Leandro in the Coaching School at the beginning of the game.

MT 07 - HAIL
In the market of the Pokemon Center located in Viale Royale.

Enter the Pokemon Hostel on Ohana Farm and talk to the girl on the left.

In the Pokemon Center market located in the Avenue Royale.

In the Pokemon Center market located in the Royale Avenue.

In the Undergrowth Cave, after going up to the left, go back and go down towards the entrance to pick it up.

In the market of the Pokemon Center located in Viale Royale.

On Route 5, above the rocky area on the right. Continue upwards to find it.

Break the rocks with Tauros in this area to reach it.

WHERE: In the small garden in front of the Police Station in the Commercial Zone of Hau'oli.
Read also the complete MT Guide

13) Pokemon Sun Moon QR codes

The QR codes to be scanned are one of the great new features of Pokemon Sun Moon. Each Pokemon has its own QR code that allows you, once scanned through the camera of your 3DS /2DS, to add it to the pokedex. This doesn't mean that you've already captured the Pokemon, but having it in your Pokedex you'll already know its characteristics, its strengths, and its attacks when you meet it the first time. What do we need then? All the QR codes of our Pokemon! And of course we have them ready for you below: just click on Mega Graydos to get the complete list!

NOTE: The QR codes that can be scanned in the game are not only those associated with Pokemon. In fact, you can scan any item, from a snack pack to a doughnut pack that has a QR code associated with it. The game will turn them into useful and fun items for your Sun Pokemon and Moon Pokemon. Scanning QR codes also has another big advantage: for every 10 codes you scan, you'll be able to "scan the island" you're on. After this scan you'll see a pokemon that normally can't be found on the island where you are: so you'll have one hour of time and only 1 chance to capture it so go properly equipped and hurry up!

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