Tricks Need for Speed: How Much Cost Car Parts in Game

Here come the first tricks for Need for Speed the 2016 reboot. Here, then, is a long list showing the costs of all available car parts in play. The romato of the list is piece name, cost, task to be completed. This trick is valid for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC systems. Enjoy reading it.


Stock, 0, Default

Semi Adjustable Brakes, 560, Default

Fully Adjustable Brakes, 1.985, Rep Level 21


Stock, 0, Default

Semi Adjustable Handbrake, 540, Rep Level 8

Fully Adjustable Handbrake, 1.135, Rep Level 18

Sway Bars

Stock, 0, Default

Semi Adjustable Sway Bars, 530, Rep Level 7

Adjustable Sway Bars, 1,140, Rep Level 28

Fully Adjustable Sway Bars, 1,570, Rep Level 47

Air Filter

Stock, 0, Default

Drop in Filter, 370, Default

Short Ram Air Intake, 920, Rep Level 2

Cold Air Intake 1,750 Rep Level 24

Cooling System

Stock, 0, Default

Intercooler w/h 26×6, 560, Default

Intercooler w/h 31×8, 1.380, Rep Level 17

Intercooler w/h 31×10, 2,630, Rep Level 31

Intercooler w/h 34×10, 4,500, Rep Level 43

Intake Manifold

Stock, 0, Default

Aftermarket Edition, 320, Amy's missions

Large Throttle Body, 1,520, Amy's missions

X-Large Throttle Body, 3,350, Amy's missions

Fuel System

Stock, 0, Default

Aftermarket Fuel Pump, 1,130, Default

High Performance Fuel Injectors, 2,750, Rep Level 9

Fuel Rail Kit, 5,250, Rep Level 19

Standalone Fuel System, 9,000, Rep Level 48

Forced Induction

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC1-A-Tuner, Default

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC2-A-Pro, Rep Level 10

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC2-B-PRO, Rep Level 10

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC2-C-PRO, Rep Level 10

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC3-A-HYBRID, Rep Level 25

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC3-B-HYBRID, Rep Level 25

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC3-C-HYBRID, Rep Level 25

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC3-D-HYBRID, Rep Level 25

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC3-E-HYBRID, Rep Level 25

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-A-RACE, Rep Level 40

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-B-RACE, Rep Level 40

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-C-RACE, Rep Level 40

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-D-RACE, Rep Level 40

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-E-RACE, Rep Level 40

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-F-RACE, Rep Level 40

Turbocharger: EliteTune-TC4-G-RACE, Rep Level 40

Supercharger: EliteTune-SC-V1-TUNER, Default

Supercharger: EliteTune-SC-V2-PRO, Rep Level 10

Supercharger: EliteTune-SC-V3-HYBRID, Rep Level 25

Supercharger: EliteTune-SC-V4-RACE, Rep Level 40

Electric System

Stock, 0, Default

Aftermarket Wiring, 1,580, Default

Wire Tuck, 3,850, Rep Level 41


Stock, 0, Default

Multi-Spark Ignition System, 250, Amy's missions

Multi-Spark High Performance Ignition, 830, Amy's missions

Multi-Spark Race Ignition, 2,000, Amy's missions


Stock, 0, Default

Flash ECU, 900, Default

Plug 'n Play ECU, 2,200, Rep Level 29

Standalone ECU, 4,200, Rep Level 46

Engine Block

Stock, 0, Default

Elite Tuning Hooned Block v.1, 1,290, Default

Elite Tuning Ported Block v.2, 3,140, Rep Level 6

Elite Tuning Sleeved Block v.3, 6,000, Rep Level 20

Elite Tuning Ported and Sleeved Block v.4, 10,290, Rep Level 30

Elite Tuning Ready Built Block v.5, 16,430, Rep Level 38

Elite Tuning Elite Prepped Block v.6, 24,850, Rep Level 45

Elite Tuning Race Prepped Block v.7, 36,000, Rep Level 50

Cam Shaft

Stock, 0, Default

Aftermarket Camshaft Elite.5 240int/211exh, 720, Default

Aftermarket Camshaft Elite 4 243int/283exh, 1,760, Rep Level 4

Aftermarket Camshaft Elite.3 263int/310exh, 3,360, Rep Level 11

Aftermarket Camshaft Elite.2 308int/277exh, 5,760, Rep Level 34

Aftermarket Camshaft Elite.1 312int/283exh, 9,200, Rep Level 42

Cylinder Heads

Stock, 0, Default

Polished Cylinder Heads, 1,000, Amy's missions

Hooned Cylinder Heads, 2,670, Amy's missions

Ported Cylinder Heads, 5,500, Amy's missions

Exhaust Manifold

Stock, 0, Default

EL Manifold, 960, Default

UEL Manifold, 2,580, Amy's missions

Race Manifold, 5,330, Amy's missions

Titanium Manifold, 9,700, Amy's missions

Exhaust System

Stock, 0, Default

Catted Race Exhaust, 900, Default

Decatted Race Exhaust, 2,200, Rep Level 15

Decatted Non Resonated Exhaust, 4,200, Rep Level 35

Full Race Exhaust, 7,200, Rep Level 44


Stock, 0, Default

Clutch w/ 0.4s Gear Change Time, 865, Default

Clutch w/ 0.3s Gear Change Time, 1.080, Default

Clutch w/ 0.2s Gear Change Time, 1.835, Rep Level 26

Clutch w/ 0.1s Gear Change Time, 2,590, Rep Level 37

Clutch w/ 0.05s Gear Change Time, 3,350, Rep Level 49

Nitrous System

Time Refill Nitrous 5lb Capacity, 2.125, Default

Action Nitrous 5lb Capacity, 2.125, Default

Action Nitrous 10lb Capacity, 4,750, Rep Level 5

Time Refill Nitrous 10lb Capacity, 4,750, Rep Level 5

Time Refill Nitrous 15lb Capacity, 7,500, Rep Level 36

Action Nitrous 15lb Capacity, 4,500, Rep Level 36


Stock, 0, Default

Semi Adjustable Suspension, 515, Amy's missions

Adjustable Suspension, 1,120, Amy's missions

Fully Adjustable Suspension, 1,560, Amy's missions


Stock, 0, Default

Semi Adjustable Differential, 520, Default

Adjustable Differential, 1,250, Rep Level 13

Fully Adjustable Differential, 2,160, Rep Level 23


Stock, 0, Default

E/T-G1-BLNCD-GRP, 120, Default

E/T-D1-BLNCD-DRFT, 120, Default

E/T-D2-MID-DRFT, 215, Rep Level 3

E/T-G2-MID-GRP, 215, Rep Level 3

E/T-D3-PLUS-DRFT, 330, Rep Level 14

E/T-G3-PLUS-GRP, 330, Rep Level 14

E/T-G4-XCESS-GRP, 455, Rep Level 22

E/T-D4-XCESS-DRFT, 455, Rep Level 22

E/T-D5-XTREME-DRFT, 570, Rep Level 33

E/T-G5-XTREME-GRP, 570, Rep Level 33

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