Tricks Minions Paradise : Doubloons, Boosts and More

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Minions Paradise is a game of EA for Android and iOS devices. After a shipwreck, the Minions find themselves on a desert island that will gradually be repopulated by their nice yellow friends.

But are there any tricks to quickly level up within Minions Paradise ? Well more than tricks there are strategic guides, tips that can be useful for all the island of Paradise.

  • The first advice is not to listen to what the tutorial asks. Yes, it may seem strange, but wasting doubloons to speed up simple jobs that take a few seconds to complete is a really bad way to put away important resources.
  • Many of the structures you'll be building on the island need Minions to work on them to produce resources. Here, then, that remembering to always put your friends to work is definitely a great advice not to waste time without earning money.
  • Make the most of the Party's after-effects. With each level increase, Phil will give a party that will not only allow you to have new facilities but will give you a temporary speed boost for building and gathering resources. It is important, therefore, after each party, to try to maximize the harvest and construction by exploiting the boost.
  • Very soon you will find yourself in difficulty with your warehouse space. There are ways to free it from unnecessary items. In the meantime, you may think about expanding the capacity of the warehouse, but, as mentioned before, be careful not to spend doubloons. Another method could be to put on sale the items you do not need or sell them to the Captain who will ask you from time to time what he needs.
  • Playing the minigames often is an excellent way to earn money easily.
  • Remember that you can create construction queues for collecting items.
  • Check the bulletin board to the right of Phil for easy earnings by completing simple tasks.

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