Tricks for Minecraft: How to Get Infinite Items

Minecraft is certainly not a game that needs introduction. That's why today we're going to show you some tricks. Keep in mind that these do not involve the risk of ban because they only work in single player.

Minecraft Guide: How to get infinite intems

Diamonds in Survival mode: Start the game and select "New Creative World". Enter any name and seed and then, after the loading screen, add as many blocks as you want. It is important that, among them, there are those made of wood, stone and iron that will be used to build the pickaxe with which to find the diamonds. Add a crafting table to use in the survival world. Now get out of the world. Now create a survival world using the same seed you used in the Creative world. Now go to the file manager where Minecraft is located (usually the path is sdcard0/games/com.mojang/minecraftworlds) and search the "creative" world for the "chunks.dat" file. Copy and paste it into the survival world folder instead of the chunk file there. Now you can restart the game and enter the survival world where you will find all the blocks you put in Creative.

Duplicate items: Drop the items you have in your inventory and want to duplicate them. Now pause and click on "save and return to the main menu". Now go back and pick up the items you dropped. Pause and wait for the automatic save. Exit Minecraft and then restart it. After restarting it you will find the duplicate objects.

Infinite wood: it takes 3 pieces of wood to create a ladder, but then by destroying each piece of the ladder you get 4 pieces of wood. Basically from 3 pieces you get 4, you can repeat the operation as many times as you want.

Multiple slots in the inventory: Open Minecraft and open a Creative map. Now close the Creative and open a Survival map: magically there will be dozens more slots than before.

Endless Trees: Cut a tree and take all the branches; wait until nightfall and go to bed. The leaves you've dropped will turn into saplings Now take these seedlings and plant them, let them grow according to their method and when they grow take everything back from the beginning.

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