Tricks Fallout 4 : How to Get the Pranksters Return

Get the trophies in Fallout 4 it's not always an easy thing. In this post we show you a little trick to get, first, the trophy or achievement called Prankster's Return.

First you will need to unlock the Pickpocket Perk in the skill tree under Perception. After that, you will need to get a fragmentation grenade that you can conveniently buy in some supermarkets scattered around the Contaminated Zone. In the main quest, for example, you can buy it in the Diamond City supermarket.

After that, all you have to do is enter stealth mode and pickpocket a game character. The moment you pickpocket him, open your inventory and put the grenade in his backpack. Thanks to the unlocked skill, the probability of the grenade exploding (along with the grenade in question) increases by 50% and you will unlock the desired trophy.

Tip: save your game just before you buy the skill, this way you can earn the trophy and then reload your save with your skill points back.

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