Tricks Fallout 4 : How to Get the Home Run Trophy!

Continue our review with the tricks dedicated to Fallout 4 the latest huge work by Bethesda Softworks for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Today let's see how to easily unlock the Home run trophy! Specifically, the trophy can be unlocked once you get to Diamond City. You will arrive in the city in the first hours of the game. Once you enter the Diamond City Market, as you walk, you'll notice some signs on the ground that need to be stepped on in a precise order. The first one you need to step on has a diamond pattern. Continuing on the right you will find a tile marked with an "I" (first in Roman numerals). Passed on this, continuing along the path, you will find another tile marked with an "II" and after one with "III". Once you have stepped on this tile, you will return to the first one (the one with the "dimante") and magically you will have unlocked the Home run trophy!

Fallout 4 is available from November 10 for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC systems. Have fun and don't miss a single trick dedicated to the game!

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