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At Dragon Revolt the player finds himself involved in a big conflict between two power hungry factions, there are many things to discover and today we are here to reveal some tricks that can make your life easier. We will try, where possible clearly, to give you some advice on how best to deal with the adventure by untangling the clash between the Lothelan Empire and the Ashitar Blood Alliance. Ready to discover the secrets of this MMORPG? Let's do it!

All for free! - At Dragon Revolt there's a lot of free content that can often escape the eye of the most unattractive players. Be sure to check the rewards section at the top of the screen often and don't miss out on daily bonuses for access or level change.

Always Level Up - In this game, the maximum level of skills available is equal to the basic level of your character, so by constantly leveling up you can improve your skills even more! Don't forget to invest points in your skills.

Questing and auto fighting - If you are lost and can no longer find your target all you have to do is touch the bar on the left and you will be redirected automatically. Selecting the button with the two crossed blades, instead, activates the auto attack function and your character will fight alone.

Watch out for Trials - Trials at Dragon Revolt are basically small dungeons. The player suddenly returns to a battle against a big boss along with other users, the important thing is to carefully select the desired mission. There are trials designed for experience, others for equipment and more: don't fall into the mistake of taking on random missions.

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