Tricks Dark Souls 3 : How to Get Infinite Souls

A glitch/exploit has already been discovered on the net to get Infinite Souls in Dark Souls 3 and get maximum power in a few hours!

Thanks to the following procedure you will be able to get up to about 10,000,000 Souls in one hour! Given the very essence of the game, however, we at do not recommend the use!!!

Below is the complete procedure with video to get millions of Souls in Dark Souls 3 :

This exploit / glitch allows you to get an unlimited number of souls in a very short time consuming the soul of a boss without really absorbing it and then with the ability to use it again and again. In fact, you'll be able to duplicate up to 20,000 souls in 7 seconds thus acquiring all the enhancements you want. This trick works on all PS4, XONE and PC platforms, without invalidating in any way the trophies or unlockable targets.

STEP 1 - Equip yourself with a shield that allows you to PARAGE, like the initial shield of the knight.
STEP 2 - Insert in the first slot of the quick objects the Anima Boss that you want to duplicate. Unscrew all other quick object slots. You can recognize the Boss Soul because they are the only ones that, unlike the normal ones, open dialog boxes before being consumed.
STEP 3 - Put an empty Estus flask in the first slot of the Belt (Toolbelt).
STEP 4 - Press the following buttons:

PS4: While holding down the DOWN arrow, press L2, Square, Options, X in quick succession.
XONE: While holding down the DOWN arrow, press LT, X, Start, A in quick succession.
PC: While holding down the DOWN button, press in quick succession the LEFT LEFT button, USA ELEMENT, OPEN MENU, CONFIRM.

You must hold down the DOWN arrow throughout the entire process. Then while parrying, when the shield is parallel to your character's shoulder, you must complete the combo as quickly as possible. It takes some practice to get the timing right and you'll need to be super fast with the keys. Don't worry if you don't succeed on the first attempt, it's normal, you'll need a lot of practice!

- It only works with Patch 1.03. If you want to continue using this glitch do not download the new patches, or uninstall them but remember that you will not be able to play online.
- Make a backup of your save so you can try again right away if you consume the Soul Boss by mistake.
- The best place to try the trick is after you have obtained the Soul of the Deacons of the Abyss which provides you with 20,000 Souls.
- Remember that in the Japanese version you'll have to reverse X with circle on PS4 and A with B on Xbox One.
- On a PC you can modify the keys by inserting them in succession on the numeric keypad or where you find it easier to press them in succession.

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