Tricks Clash of Clans : How to Get the Dark Elixir

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Of Clash of Clans We have often dealt with these pages, for example with tricks to get the free gems or tips to quickly level up. Today we will show you how to get the important dark elixir.

The dark elixir is a very rare resource that is used to summon heroes and mythological creatures, useful to defeat enemies more easily. Among the heroes that can be invoked are the Barbarian King and the Queen Archer. Unfortunately, in order to obtain all this power, many dark elixirs are needed. But with our advice, everything will be easier.

Remember that this trick of Clash of Clans can work on both Apple and Android devices, just have an account in the game. There are several ways to get the dark elixir quickly. One is to use many lightning spells against the deposit of dark elixir that is located in every city where there is also the town hall. You may need at least 5 lightning spells to get the vials of dark elixir. Take a shield with you because once you get the elixir, they will try to steal it from you, so protect it with all your strength.

Another way to get the dark elixir in Clash of Clans is to extract it using drilling techniques directly from the source. To do this you need a deposit of dark elixir, the drills and the best skills for the drills. The council is to start with the villages with level 8 town hall.

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