Toy Story Drop - Complete Guide for Android and iOS

Level Solution Toy Story Drop | Mobile games from the world of Disney and Pixar are not uncommon. Toy Story is one of those cases where animated movies have found fertile ground in video games. For Android and iOS is available for download Toy Story Drop , very nice game and suitable for everyone in which the player must help Woody, Buzz and the other characters to unlock their stories one scene at a time.

Toy Story Drop presents the player with many levels and match 3 type puzzles, i.e. with grids full of animation tiles. You can ask for help from the characters who, with their power-ups, will remove obstacles.

In this guide, you'll find videos of all solved levels of Toy Story Drop .

How to download Toy Story Drop | To download the game, click on the links -> Google Play | App Store.

Audio Video Toy Story Drop - Complete Guide for Android and iOS
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