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If you are passionate about city building for mobile devices, you may not have heard of Township . Developed by Playrix Entertainment, the app will ask you to build, building after building, a real city, earning money from what you grow and produce. As you have already easily deduced, in order to build a thriving and fully functional city, you will need large amounts of money and thanks to this tips and tricks of Township you'll be able to accumulate a mountain of them in the shortest possible time.

Let's start now by saying that there are two different types of currency: the common ones Gold coins and the T-CashThe premium currency that can be purchased through the game shop. How to earn coins quickly in ? Keep reading our guide and find out how to do it!

There are various ways to earn coins in the game in question; however, in this guide we will focus mainly on theagriculturewhich, of all people, is surely the fastest and safest way to get money.

Tricks Township : how to get lots of free coins

Make the city of your dreams come true on Township .

Among the many activities available in your city, certainly the dear, old cultivation of the fields is the most useful to keep productivity high and, consequently, to get lots of coins. It goes without saying that there will be some types of crops that are more advantageous than others and that, therefore, will guarantee you several gains. Which are the best to grow in Township ? We will answer you in the following lines.

First of all, as it happens in all similar mobile games, some products of the earth will mature earlier, while for others, however, it will take a little more time. Based on what I've just said, you'll have to be very careful what you decide to grow, both by day and... by night!

During the day, for example, you'd do well to focus on all the foods that take little time to ripen and be collected. In this respect, wheat is an excellent choice: its sowing is completely free, and will ensure you a profit of one coin for each lot you sell. Corn will also give you 3 coins for each lot, but its sowing will cost you 1 coin for each plot of land where you will grow it.

During the nightInstead, choose to plant food that takes longer to ripen, but which will provide you with a greater profit once sold. The best examples of this category are potatoes and cocoa.

Free coins on Township : grow, create objects and sell them

Agriculture and livestock farming: do not neglect either.

Agriculture, based on what we have written before, is the safest way to get free coins, especially if you don't have time to dedicate to the creation of objects. However, this second way could guarantee you even more money.

For example, if you have grown and harvested corn, you can either decide to sell it or use it to make chips that will, of course, bring you much more money. The same goes for other goods, such as silk, which can be refined in factories, or wheat, which can be used to make bread.

Below, we enclose a table indicating the most advantageous goods to produce, both in relation to the time you will take to produce them and the coins that will make you earn.

  • Bread - 0.869 gold coins per minute or 52.13 per hour...
  • Wheat -0.5 (half gold coin) per minute or 30 gold coins per hour
  • Corn - 0.4 gold coins per minute or 24 gold coins per hour
  • French fries - 0.3018 gold coins per minute or 52.173 gold coins per hour
  • Carrots - 0.3 gold coins per minute or 18 gold coins per hour.
  • Rose Jam - 0.200 gold coins per minute or 12.045 gold coins per hour

Free coin tricks on Township : don't forget to breed animals!

Don't forget to feed your animals!

Like any self-respecting city, on your farm you can also Raising animalsThey will be able to contribute in a not indifferent way to your earnings of coins. Sheds, henhouses, stables for your cows, all these buildings can be a substantial source of coins, if you use them properly.

There is only one strategy to follow in this regard: make sure your animals are always well fed! Let's explain it better: to produce milk, wool, eggs, etc., you won't have to make your farm lack food. Precisely for this reason, our advice is to feed sheep, chickens and cows before collecting what they have to give you, so that the production cycle never stops.

However, keep in mind that the quantities of goods you can sell from your herd will be rather small; for this very reason, always give priority to agriculture.

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