Touch My Katamari PS Vita Trophies

Touch My Katamari is a video game from the Katamari series, a title developed by Namco Bandai Games for the console Sony PlayStation Vita.

Released in Japan in late 2011 and in Europe in early 2012, the game continues along the lines of the titles that preceded it. The player controls a sticky ball, known as Katamari, surpassing hundreds of objects and allowing it to grow in size until it reaches the required shape within a given time limit.
This chapter adds new elements to the already well-known series and gameplay, with improved gameplay mechanics specifically designed for use on the PlayStation Vita. A fun game, for the whole family, which does not fail to be challenging at times, but never frustrating.


 Total Trophies: 11
 Bronze Trophies: 6
 Silver Trophies: 4
 Gold Trophies: 1
 Platinum Trophy: No
 Hidden Trophies: 1

Audio Video Touch My Katamari PS Vita Trophies
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