Total Recall - Commodore 64 cheats and codes

Douglas Quaid is a worker who has just booked a vacation to Mars. Things, however, start to go wrong: his colleagues try to kill him and the man cannot remember who he really is. To find out the truth, he really has to reach the Red Planet.

Total Recall is aadaptation edited by Ocean of the 1990 film with Schwarzenegger. The version for Commodore 64 combines levels of platforming genre with driving stages. There are four levels in total. The first is a platformer in which Quaid has to cross the city, starting from a hotel to reach a phone booth, all within a time limit. Along the way, he must pick up a suitcase that contains information that is invaluable to him.
Level two is driving and also has a time limit within which to complete it. Quaid must guide his JohnnyCab to the spaceport, to leave for Mars. We need to avoid the other cars, some of which shoot at us. Level three is set on Mars and is always driving. The final level, the fourth, is another platformer in which Quaid must make his way and get to an alien reactor in order to start a chain reaction that will transform the entire planet.


Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC command before starting or restarting the program.

Enter LIFE STILL GOES ON as a name in the High Score screen. Then press [F1] to pause and press LEFT to advance to the next level. After the level loads, press [F1] to return to the game. Repeat the operation as many times as you want.

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