Tombi! PS1 cheats and codes

Tombi! is a hugely popular video game developed by Whoopee Camp to Playstation 1; released in the Old Continent in August 1998, nowadays it is among the most sought-after titles by game collectors for Sony PS1.

The undisputed star of the game is a boy with hair pink who lives on an island and wears a gold bracelet inherited from his beloved grandfather. One day the boy runs to the aid of a farmer at the mercy of some aggressive pigs, but is hit in the head by mistake and faints. 
Awakening, he discovers that the treacherous pigs have stolen his bracelet, so he sets out on an adventure to regain the precious heirloom. In the course of his fantastic adventure, Tombi befriends other characters, such as the white dog Biron and the monkey Charles, both very useful for the game. If you have never finished Tombi !, the tricks you find below will prove to be extremely valuable to you.


To change your character's hair color, press R1 + L2 + SELECT + SQUARE at the same time, then press Left, Down, Right, Up, Up, Right, Down, Left.

Hold R1, then press Select, Right, Left, Down, X, Circle, Start at the loading screen with the dancing pigs.

Press Start when the upload is complete. This will give you extra weapons.

Tombi! - PS1

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