Tomb Raider PS1 cheats and codes

Tomb Raider: Featuring Lara Croft, known more simply as Tomb Raider, is a video game marketed in 1996 by Sega Saturn and soon converted to PC and PlayStation 1. Developed by Core Design, the game was published by Eidos Interactive.

The protagonist of the videogame is Lara Croft, archaeologist Englishman in search of ancient and precious treasures. Tomb Raider is certainly one of the best known and most popular games for PS1 and heavily influenced the adventure games released in the following years. The plot is as follows: in the year 1945, in New Mexico, a mysterious winged being appears - after a nuclear test.
Over 50 years later, in 1996, Lara Croft is contacted by a certain Larson, a mercenary in the pay of Jacqueline Natla, a powerful business woman. She wants Lara to recover an ancient artifact called "Scion". According to the research of the rich woman, a first fragment would be found in Peru, in the Inca city of Vilcabamba. Lara leaves for Peru, on an adventure full of twists and turns and arduous trials to overcome. So tough that you might need some tricks to complete the game.


Press L1, TRIANGLE, R2, L2, L2, R2, CIRCLE, L1.

Press L2, R2, L1, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, L1, R2, L2.

When you are near a slab that can break, when it starts to shatter, walk backwards and Lara will immediately be teleported to the bottom of the precipice without taking any damage.

Complete the game and reload each saved level to play in super mode.

Tomb Raider - PS1


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