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Below you will find a complete guide on how to find and capture the Legendary Pokemon in the new versions of Gold and Silver Pokemon! Happy hunting!


Requirements for both: To be able to capture these two legendary Pokemon you will first have to defeat the Rocket Team at the Radio Tower in Fiordoropoli and all the Kimono Girls (To face these 2 events you just need to continue in the main story). Once defeated you will receive, at the Radio Tower, the Iris Wing if you are playing Heart of Gold, the Silver Wing if you have Silver Soul.
Don't worry, Lugia & Ho-oh will be available on both versions, in fact who has Heart of Gold and has received the Wing of Iris, will receive the Silver Wing from a man in Plumbeopoli, who instead has Silver Soul vice versa.
You will also need a Pokemon that can Surf and Reel to reach the island where Lugia is located and a Pokemon that can Flash to light the cave where it is hidden.

Location Lugia: Lugia is located in the cave of the Vorticose Islands, east of Fiorlisopoli. Below is a practical video that shows how to reach it.

Ho-oh Location: Ho-oh is located on the roof of the Tin Tower in Amarantopoli.


You will meet these 3 legendary dogs the first time you go to the Burnt Tower in Amarantopoli. Go to the underground floor of the tower to make them escape and start the long chase that will lead you to capture them.

Requirements for all 3: There are no particular requirements to meet but you will have to bring with you Pokemon able to use Trappoarena or Pedinombra moves that will not let the legendary dogs escape in fact, except Suicune that we will deal with later, the other 2 legendary dogs, once escaped from the burnt tower will roam the continents of Pokemon and you can find them randomly in the grass, also you can follow their movements with the map of Pokegear. Remember not to use Flight to go to the place where the Pokémon is, because then it will change location!
Minimize their PS and cause altered staus such as sleep or paralysis. Use Rapid Balls, which are very effective on legendary dogs.
IMPORTANT: If you can't catch them, don't kill them, but let them escape or use escape, otherwise you will never find them again.

Location for Raikou and Entei: Check the map on Pokegear to follow their movements.
Here are some videos to capture them at their best!

Location for Suicune: After escaping from the burnt tower, this dog will also run away to the continent of Pokemon, but you can only meet him in some places:
-North of Fiorlisopoli ( Continent of Jotho )
-Next to the entrance of Monte Scodella on Route 42 ( Continent of Jotho )
-Aranciopoli ( Continent of Kanto )
-In front of Bill's house on Route 25, after we fixed the power plant fault.
( Continent of Kanto )

In the last location Suicune won't run away anymore and you can finally catch him!


Requirements for all 3: They will appear once they have faced all the gyms and obtained all 16 medals. You will need a Pokemon who can Surf, a Pokemon who can move boulders, a Pokemon who can Waterfall and a Pokemon who can Scaleroccia...but having taken the 16 medals you should have all these MN and MT already available!

Location for Articuno: You will find it on a small island inside the caves on the Spumarine Islands.
This handy video will help you in your search.

Location for Zapdos: You will find it outside the power station, located on Route 10.
It's in your path, impossible not to see it!

Location for Moltres: You will find it in the Silver Cave on Monte Argento.


Groudon you can capture it ONLY in the Silver Soul version, Kyogre instead, ONLY in Heart of Gold.

Requirements for both:
-Get the National Pokédex, Defeat the Pokemon League you will find yourself at home. Talk to your mom to find out that Professor Elm is looking for you and go to his workshop to get the ticket that will get you access to the water boat.
Fly to Olivinopolis and go to the pier where you will meet Prof. Oak who will update your Pokedex, turning it into the National Pokedex!
-Receive from Prof. Oak one of the Pokemon of the Kanto Starter (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle), After defeating Ash, go back to Biancavilla and go to Prof. Oak's laboratory where you can receive one of the three initial Pokemon of Kanto, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.
-Get Mr. Pokémon ( the man who gives you Togepi's egg at the beginning of the game ) to get the Blue Sphere ( Heart of Gold ) or the Red Sphere ( Silver Soul ).

Location for Both: Go west of Route 47 and reach the Hidden Tower. This handy video will help you in your search.


Requirements: You will have to own both legendary GROUDON & KYOGRE Pokemon, you will have to exchange them between DS from the opposite version of the one you own.
IMPORTANT: You can only exchange with another version of Pokemon Golden Heart or Pokemon Silver Soul. Importing Groudon or Kyogre from regular Gold or Silver Pokemon or other versions of Pokemon will not unlock RAYQUAZA.
Once you get the 2 legendary Pokemon mentioned, show them to Prof. Oak to get the Light Green Sphere, the only one capable of capturing Rayquaza.

Location: Go to the Hidden Tower to find out that Rayquaza has appeared. Follow the video of the 2 previous Pokemon.

Requirements: You get all 16 gym medals. You will also need a Pokemon capable of Flash and one capable of Surfing.

Location: You can find it in Kanto in the Celestial Cave located west of Celestopoli. Here is a video that will help you. 

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