The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt | Complete Guide to Alchemy

The Witcher 3 | Complete Guide to Alchemy | The Witcher 3 , like any self-respecting fantasy, puts the player in front of the alchemy study, with which you can create powerful potions that can bring an advantage in battles. By combining herbs, monster body parts and other ingredients, Geralt can strengthen his combat effectiveness.

The main strength of Alchemy is giving the player the ability to increase a certain statistic or skill to match the style of combat used. With Alchemy you can create potions, decoctions, ointments and bombs.

Basic notions of alchemy of The Witcher 3

In The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt, potions, bombs and ointments can be made by finding the materials by exploring the vast map. Combining also mutagens can increase the effects.

All alchemical creations are based on recipes discovered by reading scrolls, finding treasure chests, buying from alchemists or reading some alchemical books.

Traders will only sell recipes that you don't have, so they're a good way to fill in your gaps without the fear of wasting money on formulas you've already learned. To successfully execute these recipes, Geralt must be of the required level.

Unlike the manufacture of equipment, alchemy can be performed by Geralt himself at any time without having to go to a craftsman.

The Witcher 3 | What are potions

Potions are the most common result that can be obtained with alchemy and serve as buff for Geralt's statistics.

The preparation of potions requires a recipe, a basic substance that is usually alcohol and some other items that can be found or purchased. When ingested, potions increase the toxicity level of Geralt, who can only ingest a minimal amount.

The inventory is filled with potions every time Geralt meditates, as long as there is alcohol in it.

The Witcher 3 | What are decoctions

Decoctions are a special subtype of a much more powerful potion. They are made in the same way, i.e. they need a recipe and various other resources and are filled when Geralt meditates.

However, there are some key differences. First, the recipes are much rarer. Secondly, one of the key ingredients in a decoction is the mutagen of a rare monster, which can be extremely difficult to obtain.

The third difference is that their effects last for a full 30 minutes instead of a few seconds, but increase the toxicity level considerably. Finally, unlike normal potions, only one unit can be stored.

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The Witcher 3 | How to use ointments on weapons

Of the three alchemical tools that Geralt can make or buy, ungents are the most effective during combat because they are applied directly to weapons. To make the best use of ointments, you must have a deep knowledge of the bestiary in order to know what the weak points of each monster are and use the most suitable ointment accordingly.

Ointments are used to cover swords, thereby increasing the damage points that Geralt can inflict on the corresponding monsters. Once applied, the ointments last for a limited number of blows:

  • 20 hits the basic ointment
  • 40 shots the improved one
  • 60 hits the top ointment

Different ointments can be applied at the same time, but applying a different oil eliminates the effect of the previous one. Basic ointment increases the damage by 10%, improved ointments by 25% and higher ointments increase the damage by 50%.

The production of these alchemical substances requires a recipe, a basic substance (usually an oil) and some other items that can be found or purchased.

The Witcher 3 | How to make bombs with alchemy

Bombs are projectiles with area damage, which can damage, stun or cause elemental effects on grouped enemy groups.

Bombs can be used to inflict direct damage, time damage, stun or other temporary effects that also act as multipliers.

Making bombs requires a recipe, a basic substance (usually a powder) and some other items that can be acquired during the adventure.

Like potions, bombs can be filled through meditation, provided that Geralt has alchemical powder at hand.

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