The Witcher 3 - Guide How to Get The Magic Acorn

In this section of our complete guide to The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt we will find out where to find and how to use the Magic Acorn!


The Magic Acorn can be found by searching Imlerith's body after killing him on Mount Brullo. WARNING because you can miss this opportunity: After killing Imlerith will start a film with Ciri in which you take a moment of peace contemplating the landscape from the top of the mountain. At the end of the conversation choose to "REMAIN ALSO A PO'", reaching Ciri later. In this way you will have the chance to go back and search the body of the enemy to collect the Acorn.


The Magic Acorn can be eaten as if it were simple food but it will instantly give you 2 Skill Points.


After collecting the Acorn, DO NOT USE it and start the descent of the mountain to talk to some people in the village. They will tell you that the Magic Tree has dried up and that its ancient power is now lost. Give the Acorn to these people to be blessed and continue the mission. In this way, you will initially seem to have lost your precious opportunity to get skill points, but if you return to this area a long time later (almost 30 days of play), you will be informed that thanks to the Acorn, it was possible to plant a new tree and you will receive 3 Magic Acorns for a total of 6 skill points.

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