The Witcher 3: Guide and Solution Main Story Quests

In this section of our guide to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , you can find out how to overcome all the MAIN Story Quests of the game, to reach the wonderful epilogue and unlock all the trophies / goals related to the story!

In each MISSION you will find images with all the steps to be taken to continue the mission will be described the PLACE to activate the mission, the LEVEL SUGGESTED to face it, the most significant FILLINGS, EXTRA NOTES and some INFORMATION to come out winners even from the most difficult Quests.





REFILL: Continue in the Main Plot.
INFORMATION: Simple initial tutorial of the game, after the discussion in the room, go down to the yard following the help provided by the game. After the dialogue you can choose whether or not to run with Ciri on the castle walls (skipping this step will skip the tutorial on movements). Once you reach the next stage, finish the combat tutorial by following the on-screen instructions and refresh your sword to finish and start playing. If you don't draw your sword, you can continue to practice as much as you want.
EXTRA NOTE: The choices in the dialogs in this phase do not affect the game.


FILL OUT: Continue in the Main Plot.
INFORMATION: Once awake, follow VESEMIR on horseback and eliminate the annoying GHOULs. Always follow VESEMIR, if you want you can stop in the destroyed village to pick up some consumables from barrels, crates etc.. Help the poor merchant attacked by the GRIFONE and do not ask for a reward to receive useful information from the man. Once at the LOCANDA, tell the innkeeper that you helped the man to receive special treatment. After the dialogue, look for information about YENNEFER using the sign of MENTAL HANDLING on the two rednecks near your table. They will tell you to ask the NILFGAARD SOLDIERS. Reach the stronghold in the soldiers' camp and talk to the COUNTOR who will ask you to eliminate the GRIFONE that infests the area in exchange for the information. Follow the guide to Side Quests - THE FRUITY WHITE BEast. Once the Griffin is eliminated, go back to the Commander to find out about Yennefer (you can decide whether or not to accept the slimy man's reward). Now you simply have to return from VESEMIR to the inn and leave to finish the mission. This is a good time to complete some SIDE Quest to FRUIT WHITE before proceeding.
EXTRA NOTE: The Merchant you saved will be just outside the Inn. If you have not previously requested payment for his rescue, you can now buy his goods at half price.

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