The Witcher 3 Get Armorer and Blacksmith to Master Level

In this section of The Witcher 3 we'll see how to bring the blacksmith and gunsmith to Master level so they can upgrade and create the most powerful equipment!

Craftsmen scattered around the vast game world will not be able to create or upgrade certain items, such as witcher armor (SEE MORE POWERFUL ARMOUR SET GUIDE).

In order to upgrade their skills you'll have to complete two secondary missions connected to each other, one of a Blacksmith and one of a Gunsmith. Complete these missions the rank of each craftsman in the game will rise and you can not only manufacture more items, but also buy more materials from the stock of each craftsman.

IMPORTANT: Only the Blacksmith and Gunsmith who have provided you with the following missions will reach the level of MAESTRO and will be able to make you the perfect versions of Witcher's Armour.

Mission - Master Blacksmith: How to bring the armorer to master level?

Once you've reached Novigrad, you can ask the Gunsmith at the GARMENT'S S SQUARE if he can make you a perfect armor. He will tell you that the greatest Gunsmith on the continent resides in the VELEN. Then go to NIDO DEL CORVO and talk to FERGUS, the dwarf Gunsmith of the BLOODBARON, to unlock the following mission:


-Get to Undvik in the SKELLIGE and eliminate the TROLL to retrieve the legendary blacksmith's tools.

-Talk to Fergus and choose to trust YOANA who will show you the CONTRACT on the board nearby where you can find the GRIFONE from which to extract the ACID GHIANDOLES.

-Kill the griffon vulture, take the glands and go back to Yoana, fi give yourself of her again and accept to wear her armor.

-When you pass the test wait a few more days to get your armor, one of the most powerful in the game, the Witch Hunter's Armour, which unfortunately you won't be able to equip up to level 29.

-Now all the Gunsmiths have been upgraded and Yoana has reached Master level.

Mission - Swords and Ravioli: How to bring the blacksmith to master level?

Ask the blacksmiths in the game who can create a perfect sword. In the end you will receive information about a certain Hattori and unlock the secondary mission:


-Choose to help Hattori reach an agreement with suppliers.

-Unfortunately, after the agreement, you will be ambushed by the Cleaver men. Escape the ambush and return to see Hattori.

-The man is worried and wants a bodyguard. Go to the indicated Inn and talk to Sukrus to convince him to help Hattori.

-Sukrus will ask you for a further favor, then have your brother-in-law deliver what he asked for and go back to Sukrus ( if you have enhanced the Axii sign you will see the option in the dialogue with the brother-in-law ).

-Now Hattori is finally protected but needs another favor so listen to him and then go to the indicated warehouse.

-Find a way in, if you've upgraded Axii better, otherwise you'll have to face the guard.

Once inside, mark the right cases and prepare for Van Hoorn's ambush outside the warehouse.

-When you've eliminated your opponents, wait a few days to receive a powerful sword from Hattori, the SPACE OF TOUCHES.

-Now all the Blacksmiths have been upgraded and Hattori has reached the level of Master.

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