The Suffering PS2 cheats and codes

The Suffering is a video game developed by Surreal Software and published in 2004 by Midway games to Sony PlayStation 2. A few years later, in 2008, the game was then released as freeware. The protagonist of the game is Torque, a man who was sentenced to death by injection due to the murder of his wife and children.

Torque is sent to the fictional island of Carnate (Maryland, USA)

in a maximum security penitentiary, the Abbott State Penitentiary. Once in his cramped cell, the penitentiary is shaken by a violent earthquake and struck by some mysterious creatures. Left unattended, Torque attempts to escape from death row and, after a couple of minutes, meets a guard with whom he can interact in various ways. However, the guard dies electrocuted and the prisoner continues his escape, reaching the sewers, where he meets three of the Ghosts that infest the area. They are Dr. Killjoy, General Hermes, and inmate Horace P. Gauge.

Turn on your flashlight until its batteries run out. Leave the torch on even if it has no energy and save the game. Recharge the game and the flashlight will turn on even without having the batteries charged.

Complete the game at least once.

Unlock the "bad" ending.

Make "good" decisions, such as saving characters from death, helping others and completing the game to gain full access to the Torque family's secret archive.

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