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All lovers of graphic adventures point and click "the old-fashioned way", as well as fans of Agatha Christie style mystery stories, will surely have appreciated The Raven Remastered . The game has all the most typical features of the genre, making us play as Anton Jakob Zellner, a clumsy and friendly Swiss police officer with a passion for investigation. Trying your hand at the trophies of the Targat King Art Games will not be a difficult task at all. In fact, you'll discover the many facets that the remaster of The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief has to offer.

The Raven Remastered some preliminary advice

The game includes 35 trophies, 20 of which are bronze, 9 silver, 5 gold, and of course the inevitable platinum trophy. Let's start by saying that The Raven can be platinum plated in a single run, keeping in mind, however, that there is a very substantial number of missing trophies. If you want to lose as little time as possible to get all the trophies of the title, we leave you a list in chronological order of all the goals that may have actually been missed during the game.

  • Music lover
  • Detective Scrupulous
  • Humble Servant
  • Arsonist
  • Crime scene analyst
  • Detective Expert (Episode 1)
  • Master Detective (Episode 1)
  • Brilliant mind
  • Passionate about history
  • Tracker
  • Detective Expert (Episode 2)
  • Master Detective (Episode 2)
  • Sapientone
  • Animal Lover
  • Detective Expert (Episode 3)
  • Master Detective (Episode 3)
  • Collector

However, our dispassionate advice, as always, is to play a first run without the nagging of platinum. Once the adventure is complete, you can replay The Raven Remastered simply by selecting the desired chapter, thus avoiding having to start all over again from the beginning. Ultimately, we remind our readers that: THE TROPHY GUIDE CONTAINS SPOILERS! If you haven't completed the game yet, and you don't want to miss the most sensational twists and turns, we advise you not to proceed further with the reading and, above all, we advise you not to read even the trophy description "Tracker".

Bronze Trophies

Music lover
You turned on the radio in the dining car.

Here is the first missing trophy of The Raven Remastered . In the first episode of the game, go to the restaurant car of the train, the one where you will also find the doctor reading the newspaper. Press the X button to go behind the counter, and you'll notice that the right-most object is a radio. Press X once to analyze it, press the same button a second time to turn it on, and the trophy will be yours.

You survived the explosion in the freight car.

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.

You built a working torch!

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.

You lit more than four matches.

Again, we are faced with a missing trophy. In the first chapter, just after the cutscene of the explosion, once you come to your senses, you will come across the doctor who will leave you a pack of matches to light you up in the dark. Select them from the inventory so that you can use them, then select any other object around you to make our protagonist throw the match away. Repeat the procedure five times to unlock the trophy.

You've caught the running train!

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.

Hero of the Day
You saved Matt.

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.

You freed yourself from your restraints.

Storybook trophy, impossible to miss.

Amateur Detective (Episode 1)
You have completed episode 1.

A trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.

Brilliant mind
You reconstructed the sequence of events of the murder correctly.

Again, it puts The Raven Remastered us in front of a missing trophy. Just at the opening bars of episode 2, we will have to give a sequence of four precise answers to Inspector Legrand. These are the phrases with which to answer the inspector's questions:

  1. The shot came from a tape;
  2. The tape is in the medical booth;
  3. The doctor was in the cabin;
  4. I can only speculate;

Answer this way and the trophy will be yours.

You disguised yourself as a controller.

Storybook trophy, impossible to miss.

Good boy.
You served coffee to the doctor.

Storytelling trophy, impossible to miss.

You found a way to board.

Story-linked trophy, impossible to miss.

Amateur Detective (Episode 2)
You have completed episode two.

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.

You found the Baroness's secret compartment.

Trophy related to history, impossible to miss.

You witnessed the end of Dr. Gebhardt.

Trophy related to history, impossible to miss.

Animal lover
You played with the dog three times.

This missing trophy is perhaps one of the funniest in the whole game. During the third episode of The Raven Remastered , you will have to find a way to enter the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Next to the structure you will find a truck and, rummaging through the materials, you will come into possession of a tennis ball. Go to the entrance of the museum and you will find a dachshund waiting for his master. Use the tennis ball to play with the dog. Throw it to him until you are awarded the trophy.

You found the entrance to the secret basement!

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.

You're down in the treasure chamber!

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.

Living Dead
You survived the explosion in the treasure chamber!

Storybook trophy, impossible to miss.

Amateur Detective (Episode 3)
You completed episode three.

Story related trophy, impossible to miss.

Silver Trophies

Detective expert (Episode 2)
You completed episode 2 and did a great job!

To get this trophy, follow the directions given to the Master Detective Gold Trophy (Episode 3)

Humble servant
You found the Baroness's bag.

Just in the first chapter of The Raven Remastered , knock on the Baroness's cabin (the second one you will come across), and you will discover that someone has stolen her purse. After giving the candy to little Matt, the child will confess to you that the author of the the theft is the violinist sitting nearby, and that the bag is hidden in the case of his instrument. Of course, the musician will refuse to cooperate, and you'll have to find another stratagem. Open the window of the train and lock it with the toothpick that you will find in the car where the writer is. In this way, the violinist Kreutzer will get up and lose a lot of time to close the window, the time it takes to open her case and find her purse there. Follow the procedure and the trophy will be yours.

You've unlocked all the bonus material!

You will get this trophy simply by solving all the mysteries of the game. Although it is a missing trophy, there is a good chance you will unlock it without even realizing it.

Detective expert (Episode 3)
You've completed episode 3 and you've done a great job!

To get this trophy, follow the directions given to the Golden Master Detective Trophy (Episode 3)

Crime scene analyst
You examined all the objects in the Baroness's cabin.

Well, we have arrived at the most mangy missing trophy in The Raven Remastered . We warn you at once that, with good probability, it is a glitchy target. Precisely for this reason, we advise you to save the game just before entering the Baroness's room, and upload the rescue to the Cloud. The reason lies in the fact that, if you limit yourself to manual saving, the autosave function will end up overwriting it, forcing you, in case you miss the trophy, to start the first chapter from the beginning.

Once you enter the Baroness's cabin, you must not leave until you have unlocked the trophy. We're not sure about this thing we're about to write you, but don't press the X key to skip the Zellner phrases. Another important caveat is not to take the Baroness's diary right away, but to analyse it by pressing the "RIM" key. Below, we list the procedure we followed to unlock the trophy:

1. Examine the cabin portholes completely;
2. Examine the cassette with the recorder and audio reel inserted, and then take out the tape;
3. Pick up the feathers under the bed;
4. Examine the painting completely;
5. Examine the dummy completely;
6. Examine the portable bar completely;
7. Fully examine the alarm at the entrance to the cabin;
8. Examine the cab ventilation system completely;
9. Examine the Baroness's luggage completely;
10. Examine the Baroness's bag completely;
11. Read the diary but DO NOT try to pick it up! Just examine it by pressing the "RIM" button;
Examine the notepad on the desk;
13. Examine the vase completely, then try inserting your hand into it. Next, press the "Rim" button to examine the vase;
14. Collect the feathers that have come out of the vase;
15. Examine the blood on the bed completely;
16. Examine all items collected in the inventory by pressing the "SEARCH" button;
17. Try to take the diary, this time by pressing the X button;
18. Examine the door locks completely;

Follow these steps and the trophy will be yours.

Detective expert (Episode 1)
You completed episode 1 and did a great job!

To get this trophy, follow the directions given to the golden trophy Master Detective (Episode 3)

You found all four animal symbols.

Even this missing trophy might give you a little trouble. In episode 3, you will need to find the combination to open the secret compartment located in the Baroness's portable bar. You need to reveal the identity of four animals based on four clues. In this case, you'll be able to go on in the story even just identifying 3 of them, but to get the trophy you'll also have to identify the fourth animal. To unlock the objective, we recommend that you carry out the dialogues in the order we follow:

  • First, talk to Adil in your cabin (when he's in the shower), and use every dialogue option;
  • Talk to Dr. Gebhardt in the hallway, and use every dialogue option;
  • Go to the lower level of the ship and read the art magazines on the table next to the sofa;
  • Talk to the Captain in the lounge, and use every dialogue option;
  • Talk to Lady Westmacott in the salon, and use every dialogue option;
  • Look at the poster in the corridor;
  • Finally, talk to Adil again in your cabin, in particular, dwell on Durero;

Passionate about history
You've gone through all the museum exhibits.

Again, you place another missing trophy The Raven Remastered there. During Episode 2, you will visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo as Zellner. To unlock the trophy, you'll have to go to the main hall, and press the X button on each available artwork, completely exhausting any dialogue options. Just be careful not to talk to Matt before you unlock the trophy, otherwise you'll be forced to start the chapter from the beginning.

You found out the butler is the killer.

As in any good detective story, the killer is always the butler. By the time Zellner gets to the attic, you'll find the killer behind you, and you'll have to (or rather, you'll have to) guess his identity. Obviously, it is Alfred Inch. Select the answer in question to unlock the trophy. In the event that you selected the wrong answer, close the game, restart the game, and load the game. You will be returned just before the start of the dialogue and you can "correct the shot".

Golden Trophies

Master Detective (Episode 1)
You completed episode 1 and did an incredible job!

To get this trophy, follow the directions given to the Master Detective Gold Trophy (Episode 3)

Master Detective (Episode 3)
You completed episode 3 and did an incredible job!

At the end of each chapter, you will be given a score based on the mysteries you solved and the evidence you collected. The main tips we can give you are to always talk to everyone, to always dwell on all the objects that you will find on your way and, above all, to never, ever use the "SQUARE" button to highlight the clues and not even unlock them in your notebook. These "helpers" will decrease your score, preventing you from unlocking the various silver and gold trophies.

You can get a maximum score of: 19,500 points in Episode 1, 12,000 in Episode 2, and 8,500 in Episode 3. Even if your score is 500 points lower than the maximum score, you should still be able to get the various trophies.

Master Detective (Episode 2)
You completed episode 2 and did an incredible job!

To get this trophy, follow the directions given to the Golden Master Detective Trophy (Episode 3)

The Raven
You have successfully completed "The Raven"!

A trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.

Scrupulous detective
You analyzed the fingerprints on the window.

It's one of the missing trophies from chapter one. Go to the dining car and analyze the back of the counter. Press the X button on the notepad so that you can pick up the pencil on top. Use the pencil with the scissors you will find on the same counter to obtain graphite powder. After unlocking the Egyptian Culture Scholar's booth, use the graphite powder to highlight the fingerprints on the glass in his booth. Do this and you will get the trophy.

Platinum trophy

Game completed
All the trophies you have won.

As usual, you'll get the platinum trophy only after unlocking the other trophies of The Raven Remastered .

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