The Lost Vikings SNES passwords and codes

The Lost Vikings it's a strategy / puzzle video game developed by Silicon & Synapse in 1992. The game was released for both SNES and for the main consoles and platforms of the time, including Amiga and Sega Mega Drive.

In 2003 it was converted instead for Game Boy Advance. The sequel to the game is called The Lost Vikings II instead. The plot is as follows: the 3 Vikings Erik, Olaf and Baleog they are kidnapped by aliens, whose ruler is called Tomator, leader of the Croutonian empire.
The emperor plans to lock them up in a zoo but the 3 manage to escape and accidentally end up in a gimmick that sends them to other eras and different worlds. Our heroes will therefore have to travel in time and space before returning to Tomator and having their revenge.

The levels of the game are 37 (41 in the Mega Drive version) and each Viking has a specific skill: Erik is able to make great jumps and head-charge walls and / or monsters, Olaf has a shield that can defend his companions or be used as a platform, while Baleog launches attacks with his sword and bow.

2… GR8T
5… LLM0
6… FL0T
10… BBLS
11… VLCN
12… QCKS
13… PHR0
14… C1R0
15… SPKS
16… JMNN
17… TTRS
18… JLLY
19… PLNG
20… BTRY
21… JNKR
22… CBLT
23… H0PP
24… SMRT
25… V8TR
26… NFL8
27… WKYY
28… CMBO
29… 8BLL
30… TRDR
31… FNTM
32… WRLR
33… TRPD
34… TFFF
35… FRGT
36… 4RN4
37… MSTR

The Lost Vikings - SNES


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