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Welcome travelers! If you have arrived on these pages it means that the universe of Termina has put to the test even the bravest of you. The Complete Guide The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D below will accompany you step by step throughout the adventure, advising you where necessary and making sure you get the most out of every minute of play!

IMPORTANT: The guide is divided by LOCATION, under each of them are indicated the operations to do as much as possible to get benefits and earn Rupees!

HEART'S FRAMEWORK: The Fragments of Heart will be emphasized in order to make it easier for you to search within the text.


After the introductory cut scene pass the short tutorial and reach SKULL KID which will turn you into a DEKU CESPUGLIO, depriving you of your human skills and faculties. The fairy TAYA, who will become the companion of your adventure, will show you what to do to continue. You will have to pass another short tutorial on how your DEKU CESPUGLIO DEKU powers work, after which you will reach, above an area with a water mill, the MASK SELLER, who will inform you what to do to become normal again:
If you succeed in taking back your OCARINA, stolen from SKULL KID, you will be taught a little tune to play to return to normal. The only thing left to do is to go through the door near the seller and get ready to face the City of the Clock!!!


The first thing to do is to go to the northern part of the city and enter the cave on the left and talk to the RADIOUS FAIRY that has been divided into many little fairies one of which is lost in the city and you will have to find her again. If it's daytime you'll find her at the WASHBASIN if it's night in the PIAZZA di CRONOPOLI EST, jump with the DEKU FLOWER in the area to catch her. Take the fairy back to the cave with the others and unlock the BAR OF MAGIC with the possibility to shoot BOLLE.
Come out of the Cave of the Radiant Fairy to find a child intent on blowing up a balloon with a blowtorch. It's JIM the BOMBERS' Boss who doesn't want to be disturbed at all. Use your bubble to destroy the purple balloon and talk to him to be challenged to a special hide-and-seek contest. You will need to find 5 members of the BOMBERS to prove your worth:

1-WEEK-CRONOPOLES- Not far from the area of the balloon you have detonated, behind the white structure on the right.

2-CRONOPULES EAST- On the roof of the LOCANDA DELLA PIGNATTA, enter and climb the door to the left just at the top of the stairs.

3-SOUTH CHRONOLES- Break the box in the middle of the square in front of the TORRE DELL'OROLOGIO.

4- BOMBER - Break the box just before the stone bridge.

5-CRONOPULES EAST- Between the entrance of the POSTAL OFFICE and the MAESTRO DI SPADA.

Be careful because the kids will start running away immediately after seeing you so try to get close to them quickly by hitting them with an attack or a bubble to knock them out. Find all 5 of them and you will receive the BOMBER BASE PASSWORD that changes from rescue to rescue.
Go now to the east side of town and talk to the kid in front of the alley to tell him the password you just got. Continue into the alley and after a small platform section on the water, break the purple balloon with a bubble to continue on the stairs. Then reach the top of the observatory and talk to the ASTRONOMO to look into the TELESCOPE. Zoom to the top of the TORRE DELL'OROLOGIO to find the Skull Kid, immediately afterwards a very precious object will fall from the eyes of the Moon. Stop using the telescope and walk out the door nearby. Look in the crater just left to find a Moonlight. Go back to SOUTH CHRONOPOLES and approach the DEKU FLOWER on the right side of the square to start a mini cut-scene. Donate the freshly collected Moon Tear to the DEKU Seller to receive the CITY OWNERSHIP CONTRACT. Use the flower and shoot yourself on the top platform of the Clock Tower, thus collecting your first HEART FRAMEWORK.
Now you can use the time left to visit the city until midnight on the last day when the door of the Clock Tower will open and you can reach Skull Kid. Of course you won't be able to defeat him, so hit him with one of your own bubbles to reclaim the TIME CHICKEN, which was taken at the start of the game. Once you get the Ocarina you will remember the SONG OF TIME and you only need to play it to go back to the beginning of the three days to start, seriously, your adventure!


-Depose the Rupees in Bank: Deposited in Bank, the Rupees will not disappear by rewinding time.
-Go into the BOMBERS BASE to collect 100 RUPIE: Go down and reach the water. Swim to the left and climb into the niche at the bottom left. Use a bomb or the Explosive Mask on the cracked wall to reveal a chest with 100 Rupees.
-Playing at the LOTTERY: To know the numbers of the Lottery you only need to play it once a day and lose, at the next rewind of time you will know which numbers to play on which day. Remember that the numbers are different for each save.
-Talk to the BOMBERS: After becoming members of the clan, the Bombers scattered around the city will approach you running to reveal the new rumors that go around Termina and that will be promptly added to your notebook.

Once the TIME SONG has been unlocked, you can "automatically" have 2 more fundamental melodies to proceed in the adventure and that will be suggested by the SPAVENTAPASSERI in the OBSERVATORY or in the CHRONOPULES SHOP. The melodies in question are:

THE SONG OF SLOWED TIME - R-L-Y-R-L-Y: Used to slow down the time and make the 3 days run at half the normal speed. To return the time to its course, simply play it again or go back to the first day.

THE SONG OF ACCELERATED TIME - Y-Y-L-L-R: It serves to manipulate time by making it pass until the chosen time, but beware, it only works towards the future.

IMPORTANT!!!: Every time you return to the first day, you will lose all quantifiable objects (such as bombs, nuts, sticks, etc...), the contents of the ampoules, dungeon fairies, golden Skultullas and Rupees. Just for this reason, in Cronopoli, you will find the BANK in front of the central rescue. In this building you can deposit as many Rupees as you want and take them back once you return on the first day.
After delivering more than 100 Rupees you will get the ADULT PORTARUPIE which allows you to take up to 200 Rupees with you. In addition, by leaving 5000 Rupees in the bank you can get a HEART FRAMEWORK.

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