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Shadow of the Colossus has a lot of goodies and secrets that players can find while exploring the game world. There are also some Easter Eggs that hint at the other titles developed by Fumito Ueda. As you know, the remake is of Bluepoint, but the team has decided to pay tribute to the original game by including secrets about Ico and The Last Guardian.

There are those who say that the three works are even part of the same universe. With this mini-guide, however, we don't want to deal with the clues that could confirm this theory. Instead, its purpose is to help players find the nice Easter Egg from The Last Guardian in Shadow of the Colossus.

Where to find the Easter Egg from The Last Guardian

The great thing about this Easter Egg is that you can find it at any time while exploring the game world of Shadow of the Colossus. To easily find this Easter Egg, however, we suggest to wait until it's time to fight against the sixth Colossus (Beard), as it is located in the woods that must be crossed just before entering the combat area.

If you are travelling from the main sanctuary, you need to locate area E5 on the map, a bit like playing naval battle. On the map below you can see the exact point. Head towards this area and then follow the path until you reach a fork in the road. We choose to turn right and we should find ourselves in front of a cave that leads downwards. We suggest to do this part of the woods without the help of the horse. On foot we will hardly miss the cave.

Search area E5 and then continue as described in the guidebook. You will find a cave inside which is the easter egg dedicated to The Last Guardian.

Once we find the cave, let's enter it and go to the left. Wandering around you will also hear a little music coming out of the joypad speaker. This means that there is also a collectible, a hidden coin that serves to complete the game 100%. Let's take advantage of it and pick it up so we don't have to go through here anymore.

After grabbing the hidden coin, we continue to walk into the cave and head for the farthest corner in the innermost part. Here there should be in plain sight a small barrel that looks very similar to the ones used to feed Trico in The Last Guardian. Let's walk by the barrel and we'll also earn the Boon of the Nomad trophy. So, easter egg, collectible and trophy in one go.

In the film below you can see more precisely the route to the cave and the exact location of the barrel.

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