The Last Blade Neo Geo cheats and codes

The Last Blade it's a fighting video game arcade developed and distributed by SNK  in 1997 for the console Neo Geo. This is the first title that is part of the homonymous 2D fighting game series.

The video game had a sequel, titled The Last Blade 2. The game is set in Japan in the bakumatsu period, roughly around the middle of the XNUMXth century. The protagonists of this beautiful beat'em up they are ninjas, samurai and martial arts experts of all kinds, while the plot is truly intriguing. The evil Kagami is a samurai who wants to open the gates that separate the world of the living from that of the dead.
To defeat Kagami it is first necessary to take out numerous other fighters, among which Musashi Miyamoto, risen for the occasion, stands out.

Other participants in the tournament are, among others:
Amano, womanizer samurai and alcohol lover;
Kaede and Moriya, rivals between them;
Juzoh, a big man armed with a club;
Akari, Juzoh's adoptive sister;
Washizuka, a government agent;
Lee, a Chinese monk;
Shikyo, a psychopathic killer

The graphics of The Last Blade are remarkable, although at the release of the game the two-dimensional graphics were already in a descending phase in terms of popularity. Beautiful backdrops and selectable characters, which in total are 12. Good control system and intriguing special moves and combos, not all easy to perform.

At the character selection screen, press the D button to select a different color scheme. If you select the character by pressing START, you will have a third color combination available.

At the character select screen, press C, C, C, C, C, C, B, B, B, C, C, C and C.

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