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The Franz Kafka Videogame is a point and click available on PC and iOS and Android mobile devices. The gaming experience manages to plunge the player into the typical surreal and grotesque atmosphere of the Prague author's novels. The Franz Kafka Videogame offers fixed screens with numerous puzzles to solve in sequence.

Many of them require patience and a not inconsiderable mental effort because it is necessary to think outside the box to get to the bottom of it. With this guide we will try to make your life easier by proposing the solution of all the enigmas of The Franz Kafka Videogame.

The Franz Kafka Videogames - Puzzles Solution

Enigma 1: Where's the rabbit?

You're on a stage and a little girl asks you to find her furry animal. To do so, you have to project the shadow of a rabbit. That's what you have to click in the correct order:

  • Kafka
  • Box in the middle of the stage
  • Figure coming out of the box
  • Top right sign
  • Billiards ball x2
  • Sun
  • Cloud
  • Sun
  • Girl's lamp


Enigma 2: Letter

Easy conceptually: you have to form a route from the arrow to the X. To do this, move the tabs. If you can't do it, look at the image below.

Puzzle 3: Goose play

Things are already starting to get a little more complex here. You must complete the course by rolling the dice, but some obstacles will require unorthodox solutions. Roll the dice until you reach the horse. Here the road is blocked by a carriage. On the left there are some little houses and you can read RUSH. If you click on the wall that looks different from the others, you will find the letter B. BRUSH means brush, so now you will have it at your disposal. Use it to draw an alternative route.

Now roll the dice, a blue one will appear. Click on it. Now a huge cup of coffee will be on the way. See the house next to the letter P? Click on its garage. A car will come out. Click on the dice to carom on the car, so the object will end up in the coffee like a sugar cube. Click on the dice again until you reach the X.

Enigma 4: We need ammunition

On the battlefield, click the lever on the left and you will discover that the cannon is missing ammunition. All you have to do to get the ammunition is to write the word AMMO in the machine on the right. To form the word, you need to enter the symbols from the image below.

Enigma 5: Typewriter

Click on the letters C and H. Click on the wheel on the right. Now click on the letters A E T.

That's it.

Enigma 6: The station

You have to run the train through the tunnel. Here's how to do it:

  • Move the lever down to the left
  • Click on the train
  • Click the train again
  • Move the center lever to the left
  • Click on the train
  • Click again on the train
  • Move the lever up to the left
  • Click on the train

You have arrived at your destination.

Enigma 7: The Cow

You have to get the cow on the tracks. Click on the chimney of the ship revealing a nest. Click on the egg and drop it. Now act on the egg while holding down the mouse click and bring it to the rock in the top left corner. Drop it over and over again to break it. An eagle will come out and carry the cow on the rails.

Enigma 8: Open the lock

You must transpose the number 1905 into letters.

Rotate the letters until you compose the word I-G-O-S.

Enigma 9: The panel

Quite a difficult puzzle. You have to order the numbers on the panel so that, in the dark, once you act on the lamp at the top, a figure is visible. In the picture below you can see the final result:

Enigma 10: The Guardian

After the dialogue, a wheel with numbers inside will appear. You have to click on the outer panels with the numbers 3, 7,8,9. You have to click on them in this order.

Enigma 11: Televisions

You have to compose a face by clicking on the television sets. Here is the order in which they should be clicked:

  • four times on the large television in the middle
  • three times on the small television in the top right corner
  • four times on the mid-size television set to the left of the central central band
  • three times on the small television in the center-left
  • Four times on the one in the center-right.
  • three times on the large television set to the right of the central band
  • four times on the big TV at the bottom left
  • three times on the big TV at the bottom center
  • four times on the small television in the bottom right corner.

Second part of the puzzle. This time you have to compose an arrow with the point down.

  • twice on the big TV in the middle
  • once on the small television on the center-left
  • twice on the small television on the center-right
  • three times on the big TV at the bottom center

Enigma 12: Map

Click on the sheet behind the map and a grid will come out. You have to superimpose the two sheets in order to draw a direct path from the arrow to the X. Look at the image below to solve the puzzle.

Enigma 13: Letters in the mirror

You must reproduce the word GRANTED as if it were placed in front of a mirror. It is obviously not enough to write the word backwards. To solve the puzzle you must use this sequence: Q-E-T inverted-U-G-L-A.

Enigma 14: Radio

One of the simplest puzzles. You just have to move the knob to the right until an image of a desert is formed.

Enigma 15: Beatdown

Very unusual enigma indeed. You will find yourself in a typical fighting game scenario. To win the first round you have to click on the helmet and then the opponent's sword.

The second round is won by dragging the opponent's energy bar until it runs out.

Enigma 16: The toy monkey

To solve the crime scene, you have to click on the toy monkey. There will be a pi on his hat which, as you know, corresponds to 3.14. Pull the rope on the toy to make it beat the plates three times, once and then four times.

You take the card out of his mouth, click it twice.

Enigma 17: Goose game

No dice, but two cards with GO and BACK written on them. You can move forward and backward by clicking on those cards. The goal is to step on the chip symbol to make them disappear until you run out of chips. Proceed as follows:

Go, Back, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Back, Back, Back, Back, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Back, Go, Back, Go, Go, Go.

Enigma 18: Origami

To solve the origami puzzle click on the following items in this order:

Origami, fox, origami, dinosaur, origami, butterfly, origami, fish, origami, flower, origami.

Enigma 19: Museum

Very easy. Drag the N to the right to compose the word OPEN.

Enigma 20: Clock

  • Click three times on the left wheel
  • twice on the middle one
  • three on the right one
  • pull up the left wheel

Enigma 21: Starry sky

You have to join the stars, like the most classic of puzzles, to dial the number 916. Look at the figure below.

You solved all the puzzles and finished the game!

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