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During his journey in horror, poor Sebastian will have the chance to collect several collectables.
These items will not only inform you about the background of the game, but will also help you unlock the "Every Nook and Cranny"  trophy. Our guide will show you where to find all the items divided by type.

MAP FRAGMENTS - Strange fragments of an unspecified map. They are square pieces of a map.

Reward: By getting all the fragments you can complete the map hanging inside the rescue areas and unlock two new weapons such as the Fire Gun and High Penetration Precision Rifle!


They are not in this chapter.


Fragment 1: You reach the strengthening chair for the first time, escorted by the nurse, look behind it before sitting down.

Fragment 2: After seeing the I will you will arrive in an area full of shacks with several enemies. Arrive at the crossroads and continue along the road on the right, up to the top, where you will find a house. Enter through the front door and look on the sofa on the left to find the fragment.

Fragment 3: Raise the wooden palisade with the crank, walk along the left wall until you reach the wooden cabin shown in the picture. You will find the fragment inside the cabin resting on the chair.


Fragment 1: Once you have climbed up from under the bridge you will find yourself in an area with many wooden houses. You will notice a cart on the right, continue a few steps after the cart and you will notice a door on the right. Enter and continue in the door on the left to reach a small room with the fragment on the ground.


Fragment 1: At the beginning of the area, go up to the small pile on the left to find the fragment on the ground.

Fragment 2: In the rescue zone during the first phase in black and white. Enter your cell and look in the corner immediately to the right.

Fragment 3: In the rescue zone during the first phase in black and white. Immediately after the previous fragment, proceed to the last cell on the right at the bottom and once inside look on the left sink.


Fragment 1: In the corner where you begin the chapter, under the writing with blood on the wall.

Fragment 2: Near the large white door where your partner will stop to wait for you.

Fragment 3: In the right corner, in the small room leading to the last rescue area of the chapter.


Fragment 1: In the corner in front of the rescue area, in the area with the lift.

Fragment 2: In the house where you will stop to rest with your colleague. On the cage shown.


Fragment 1: On the church altar at the beginning of the chapter.


Fragment 1: During the chapter, you will have to walk through a long straight cave that will begin to send you "jolts" and finally transport you into a corridor with wheelchairs. Turn around as soon as you arrive in this corridor and look near the wall at the end.


Fragment 1: After the black and white vision where you will see Ruvik like a sunflower, look immediately at the rocks on the right.

Fragment 2: In the lobby with the two large staircases on the sides, go up the left one and at the top turn left and enter the bookcase. Turn to the first right and continue to the end to find yourself in the area shown in the photo. Enter the door on the right and look at the pool.

Fragment 3: After running between the faces, look on the table shown to find the fragment.


Fragment 1: Enter the corridor near the room with the circular blade to find yourself in the place shown in the picture. Look in the door on the left, next to the shelf, to find the map.

Fragment 2: In the area with the laser grills. Get to the room where there are 3 of them, wait for all 3 to jump out and go behind them to find a ladder on the left. Climb up and enter the area where you will need to lower yourself. Pass the grates below you and after the narrowing look immediately to the left.

Fragment 3: Back in the hall of the house from the previous chapter, enter the door shown.


Fragment 1: Enter the crack on the wall next to the light sign with OPEN written on it. When you reach the bar, go to the bottom right to find yourself in the room shown where you find the fragment.

Fragment 2: Exit the yellow elevator and circumnavigate the abyss from the left to find the map where it is shown.

Fragment 3: When you arrive at the door shown, open it and turn immediately left, in the narrow corridor, to find the fragment of the map at the end.


Fragment 1: Inside the ambulance shown, enter through the back.


Fragment 1: In the long corridor with the strip of blood in the middle. Enter the door shown and look on the cabinet immediately in front of the entrance.


Fragment 1: At the beginning, in the subway, enter the right door, near the ticket machines, and reach the rooms at the end. In the one with the lockers, you will find the fragment on the table on the right.

Fragment 2: In the last room leading to the rescue area of the chapter. Go in and look on the machine on the right.


Fragment 1: Exit the elevator and reach the outdoor area in the rain. Just outside turn immediately left and enter the door. Go down the stairs and cross the corridor at the end to find the last fragment.

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