The Division 2 Complete Guide to Crafting and Materials

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Crafting plays a very important role in The Division 2 allowing you to create items yourself, without the need for excessive grinding to get better weapons and equipment. This guide introduces you to the creation of objects and shows you how to get the required resources and materials.

The Division 2 | Crafting Guide

How to unlock crafting

At the beginning of the game, you don't have access to a crafting station. To unlock it, you must complete the second mission (Grand Washington Hotel) and visit the Theatre (part of the plot). There you will be able to recruit a person responsible for the creation - Inaya al-Khaliq. You will find her on the main floor of the settlement - the map contains a marker that will lead you to the character once you click on it. All these actions are part of the main plot - you cannot skip them.

Get close to the woman and interact with her. She will be recruited after a brief conversation. You'll find her on your next visit to the White House.

How to create objects

To begin creation, visit the White House Base of Operations. When you've reached the location, open the map and find the icon that represents the ability to craft and navigate to the correct location. The crafting station is located on the lower level of the White House. Interact with it to activate the crafting system.

You will receive access to a new window showing the station level (based on your level) and 8 categories of items:

  • Weapon
  • Mod / Miscellaneous
  • Mask
  • Chest
  • Backpack
  • Gloves
  • Holster
  • Knee pads

To create an object, select one of the eight categories, choose the object you wish to create and confirm your choice so that the object appears in the equipment after a few seconds. Remember that you must have the right amount of materials to create an item.

How to get crafting materials

Crafting requires materials, so knowing how to get them will be crucial in order not to waste precious time. You can obtain crafting materials through the following activities:

Completion of activities. This mainly concerns secondary missions and events encountered on the world map. For each activity completed, you will receive experience points, money, items or rare crafting material.
Dismantle the objects. This is the easiest and most effective way to acquire materials for crafting. Each dismantled item will give you a certain amount of resources - their quality depends on the quality of the item. Items can be dismantled anywhere - do it if you are without credits.
Picking them up from the trunks we found while exploring. In The Division 2 , you have to explore a lot, in this way you can find thousands of containers, crates and suitcases containing materials and resources. We recommend that you leave the main route often and visit a side alley, as it may contain useful items.
Collecting them from special areas on the map. These special areas are nothing but abandoned garages or shops: inside these buildings, you will find containers containing a certain type of materials. Moreover, if you complete the exploration of this location, the location will be displayed on the map and you will be able to revisit it later to get the resources again.
Picking them up from the crates at the checkpoints. Checkpoints are places that can be conquered for the benefit of your faction. When you do so, each of the captured locations has a Supply Room that contains crates with items and crafting resources. These locations should be visited every few hours because the resources regenerate.

Crafting Tricks

Here are some suggestions on how to maximize the collection of materials:

  • If you have the chance, visit the side alleys and underground paths. These locations often contain crates with handcrafted equipment or materials.
  • If you are short of money, always dismantle items for materials. This way, you will be able to get a lot of resources
  • Create only useful objects. This mainly concerns the initial stages of the game. There is no reason to create an item for level 10 by spending all the materials if, after a few hours, you will level up and have access to better equipment.
  • Weapon mods can be used more than once. You don't need to create more items of this type, but remember that weapons have limits and, in addition to bonuses, they also have penalties.
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