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The Dig it's a science fiction graphic adventure type video game developed in 1995 by the LucasArts. The curation of the videogame subject bears the signature of Steven Spielberg, while the screenplay those of Orson Scott Card and Sean Clark.

The Dig is based on the famous SCUMM engine and starring Captain Boston Low. As with all the most famous graphic adventures of the time, also in The Dig it is essential to combine objects with each other and solve puzzles of various kinds. Asteroid Attila is about to crash into Earth and therefore a mission is organized to stop it, whose five crew members are: Commander Boston Low, Dr. Ludger Brink, Journalist Maggie Robbins, Hardware Manager Cora Miles and pilot Ken Borden. 
Thanks to a shuttle the three Astronauts, with the support of Miles and Borden who remain in the shuttle, they manage to place atomic bombs on its surface, stopping the motion of the celestial body. Low, Brink and Robbins, after discovering that the asteroid is hollow and contains metal plates of an alien nature. Astronauts are transported on a alien planet and the adventure begins. Between memorable jokes, twists, dialogues that have entered history, you will have guaranteed hours and hours of pure fun ...

Press Control + B to make Boston flex its muscles, generating an amused reaction from his teammates. This works if you are not in space.

After Brink dies a second time, use the eye in his machine to get two extra life crystals. Then, when Maggie dies, use a life crystal on her to see an alternate ending once the game is over.

Go to the Tram Control room, the underwater room at the end of the long tunnel that starts from the Nexus. Go to the window on the far left and look out into the water. Boston will make a comment about the tunnel. Now type SWANS on the keyboard and watch carefully! What happens will have no effect on the game, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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