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With The Crew 2 Ubisoft offers us the second incarnation of its open world racing game. This time, however, there will be several new additions to deal with. Unlike the previous chapter, in fact, the player will find himself in the shoes of a young driver, who ardently wants to excel in every race and become an absolute star. Our hero, however, will have to face different types of races, not only on road, but also in the sky and at sea; compared to the first The Crew, it will be possible to race on board of airplanes and powerboats, but keeping intact the open world element. Needless to say, in a game world as vast as the one offered by The Crew 2 The Crew, some advice could be very useful. In this guide, we'll give you all the information you need to accelerate (it's worth mentioning) your race to success.

The Crew 2 how to modify our vehicle

One of our very first concerns, in The Crew 2 , will be to understand how to earn money in the shortest possible time. Of course, our main resource in this respect will be the races: the more we win, the more money we have available. However, in order to be able to excel, in addition to knowing all the tracks and their shortcuts, we will need a top-of-the-range vehicle, customised in such a way as to make it an impregnable racing car. In this respect, the Ubisoft game will provide us with a lot of options for modification, so it will be up to us to choose the best ones, going to enhance the characteristics of our car, our bike, our plane or our powerboat.

However, if the modification of our means of transport is an essential step of The Crew 2 , before accessing it will be necessary to get your hands on different parts of the vehicle that we intend to customize. As soon as we can get our hands on the parts in question, we will be able to unlock a whole series of upgrades and objects to add to our vehicle.

How to improve our vehicle

All the tips for customizing your vehicle.

First, to access the customization, you'll first have to reach one of the two garages present in the game: you'll find the first one in Los Angeles and the second one in Miami. Once you get there, all you have to do is select the vehicle you want to modify and customize it as you see fit. There will be four modification options available to you:

  • Color;
  • Livery;
  • Visual Part;
  • Performance;

It goes without saying that the field that most concerns the potential of your vehicle is the fourth. This item will include all the upgrades that we can add, and that will increase the overall speed, handling and other statistics of our bolide. There are seven subcategories:

  • Brakes;
  • Gearbox;
  • E.C.U;
  • Exhaust;
  • Engine;
  • Tires;

Each of these subcategories will affect, to a certain extent, the overall statistics of the vehicle chosen by us every time we update or replace its parts. Each new piece that we will acquire will The Crew 2 have its own rarity, marked by a specific one is to be made a premise: they are very difficult to find. When you get close to these boxes, the radar will start to play, and an indicator will appear that you can use to locate the exact position of the box. Get to the marker and collect the parts to add them to your garage.

To sum up, as you may have easily understood, to get as many spare parts as possible, all you have to do is take your time, explore the game world and participate in the many events in it. Follow our instructions and you won't have any problem getting all the necessary spare parts.

The Crew 2 How to earn money quickly

Having a lot of money at your disposal will always be useful.

Needless to say, to fill your garage with vehicles, you will need lots and lots and lots of money. As we said before, to win the races you will need to get your hands on the fastest cars, and upgrade them with customization. Precisely for this reason, the money will never be too much, and you could certainly use to know how to earn it as fast as possible.

The first way to get money in is The Crew 2 , of course, to participate and complete the various races. However, winning all the races will mean investing a lot of time to get the money you need, but you can take advantage of some small "shortcuts" to speed up the process and get your hands on the amount you need.

First, always take a look at the map and look for events you can take part in. Each of the events you find listed on the map will reward you with money (or "dollars", as they are called in the game), which you can use to buy new vehicles and items of various kinds. The advice is to always take part in these various events during your "free time", so focus on the Live Xtreme Series, which is the main campaign of the game. By doing so, you will maximize the amount of money you will earn in relation to the time spent.

More difficult challenges will give you greater rewards

The best way to increase the amount of money you will receive for each activity you complete is to increase the difficulty level. By doing so, the races will undoubtedly be more challenging, but the prize money up for grabs will also increase, allowing you to earn more money. Obviously, to ensure such victories, you will already have to be in possession of a fast and properly modified vehicle to enhance its performance. In case you don't have these requirements yet, you'll have to spend some time to upgrade your car; in this regard, always use the events as a "gym", so you already know them by heart when you face them at higher difficulties. In this way, in fact, getting first will be much easier.

In addition to completing races and events, you can also participate in photographic events on the map. These challenges will get you epic photos, which will reward you with cash, which will replenish your finances. Remember that, unfortunately, you won't be able to sell the vehicles you bought, although, on the other hand, you'll have almost unlimited garages available.

The Crew 2 how to get new followers

Having so many fans will help you in your climb to success.

Getting more followers in The Crew 2 is vital as it will allow you to unlock certain paid cars and other races. Not only will having large crowds of fans help you in racing, but it will also allow you to earn more money, level up and progress in the game more generally. If you manage to get followers as quickly as possible, you'll be ready to start, in the best possible way, your career as a driver in The Crew 2 .

Each event that you complete in The Crew 2 will reward you with additional followers, according to what is now said, then, one of the best ways to increase the number of your followers is to take part in as many events as possible. This will make it much easier for you to increase your ranking, allowing you to attract much larger crowds to all the races you participate in.

In addition to the events, progressing through the Live Xtrem campaign is a great way to increase the number of followers. By doing so, you can also unlock some more rewarding events, in which you can take part to get more money, unlock new vehicles and get even more followers.

By increasing the difficulty of any race or event you take part in, you will also increase the number of followers with whom you will be rewarded for winning that particular event or race. The downside is that you'll have to worry about a much more difficult AI, so if you don't customize your vehicle properly, you may well end up fighting for a good placing. Between races, make sure you have time to explore the world and perform stunts and tricks. These activities will give you a small amount of followers, and performing them will give you a solid influx of new followers, which will add to the ones you already have, increasing your numbers even more.

The Crew 2 how to get new vehicles

In the game you will find many, many vehicles.

Fortunately, the point now described is one of the simplest and "painless" in the game. Simply put, getting new vehicles, be they cars, planes, motorcycles or powerboats, won't be a difficult feat at all. You can buy any new bolide you want to get your hands on by visiting one of the four racing headquarters scattered around the game map. In The Crew 2 , as mentioned above, there are different types of racing: you can race for air, land and sea, depending on the vehicle chosen. As many of you will have already understood, owning and having access to the right racing cars will be of fundamental importance.

To buy a new vehicle you will first have to find and go to the nearest headquarters. These four main locations can be found on the game map, opening it and looking for the large icons that represent each of the game's factions. You will find the faction quarters located in the following areas:

  • Los Angeles - HQ Racing Street
  • Monument Valley, Santa Fe - Offroad HQ
  • Las Vegas - HQ Freestyle
  • New York - Pro Racing HQ

Each location has its own unique vehicles to choose from, which cannot be purchased in any of the other headquarters on the map. For this reason, you'd do well to take the time to visit each of them and see what they have to offer.

If you want to fill your garage with cars but aren't interested in spending your hard-earned money, you can always participate in the main campaign, so you can unlock a number of new vehicles simply by continuing your career as a driver. It should be pointed out that, obviously, the vehicles you unlock in this way won't be at all the best that the game can offer you, but they can constitute, as resources at your disposal, a very valuable starting point.

At the end of the day, buying a vehicle from one of the four neighborhoods will be the best solution if you're looking to get your hands on something powerful and reliable. While the vehicles that can be obtained with the main plot may be very useful, the best will be available elsewhere. Remember, finally, that you won' The Crew 2 t be able to sell the vehicles you buy; however, you'll have a virtually limitless garage available, so don't worry about any "overcrowding".

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