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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is finally available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. In the new title Dontnod, which is almost a prologue to Life is Strange 2, we'll have to help the little protagonist become a real hero. His big imagination needs a little push.

we'll need to find a team on the side to fight. But what would a team of superheroes without a villain to defeat? The Avengers would twiddle their thumbs all day long. To do that, we're gonna need his toys. But first, we have to put the costume together! I mean, let's go see how to accomplish the various tasks in Captain Spirit's Awesome Adventures.

We remind you that Captain Spirit contains neither Trophies nor Targets.

Captain Spirit - Solution

How to assemble the costume

Captain Spirit's costume must be assembled by looking for the right elements. In the house you will find Cloak, Helmet, Light Armor, Mask, Heavy Armor and armor paint.

That's where you find every element, no matter what you decide.

  • Cloak position: The cloak is simply in the wardrobe in your room.
  • Location of the mask - the mask is nothing more than the trick you can find on the bathroom shelves.
  • Position of the helmet: the helmet is made of tinfoil from the chocolate bars. You can find it in the kitchen pantry.
  • Light armor: You have to take the headbands in your father's sports bag. You'll find it in the wardrobe in the father's bedroom.
  • Heavy Armor: This is done with the carton of the box of beers found in the back of your father's truck.
  • Paint: This is spray paint found in the shed. You'll need the key to the shed. This is hanging near the inaccessible door in the kitchen.

How to gather the team of heroes and villain

In Captain Spirit, heroes and villains are the kid's toys. You just need to find them around the house to assemble the two teams: the good guys and the bad guys.


  • Captain Spirit: It's you! You must assemble the costume as described in the previous paragraph.
  • Power Bear: Play with Power Bear in your bedroom. It's right next to your desk.
  • Forest Warrior: it's on your bedside table, to the right of your bed and near the TV.
  • Dinosaur Toy: it's on the floor in the living room.
  • Sky Pirate: Climb into the tree house. It's in the left corner.
  • Ice Queen: Also in the tree house. On your right.


  • Mantroid: It's on a distant planet. If you want to find out how to reach him, read the paragraph below.
  • Noctarious: play with him and Power Bear in your bedroom.
  • The Shark-Stinger: on the floor of your bedroom, near the TV.
  • Water heater: it is the water heater located in the laundry room, to the right of the kitchen. To know how to "tame" it, read the dedicated paragraph.
  • Snowman: It's the snowman, outside.
  • Noctated: in the tree house, to your right.

Find all twelve of you ready for the Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit!

How to get to Mantroid

As we have previously mentioned, Mantroid is one of the villains but must be searched on a distant planet. Don't worry, it only takes a few steps and a lot of imagination.

  • Take the keys to your father's truck: they're to the left of the sofa in the living room.
  • Go outside and interact with the truck.
  • Watch the footage below.

Stop. That's it.

How to defeat Nevemante

Are there boss fights in Captain Spirit? Sort of... That's how you defeat the Snowman.

  • Make sure you have the key to the shed - it's hanging on the back wall of the kitchen.
  • You'll need the code to your father's locked cabinet in the shed - inspect the shelf area in the living room. Examine the trophy to find the code: 2005.
  • Once outside, enter the shed and interact with the locked locker and enter the code you just discovered.
  • Get the firecrackers from the top shelf.
  • Go outside and rebuild the snowman. Once Nevemante is ready, use the firecrackers on him...
  • You have defeated Nevemante!

How to tame the Water Heater

Another boss fight, but it'll be even easier than the previous one. Here's what to do to defeat the terrifying Water Heater. .

  • Head towards the back of the house (the one depicted in the picture below) and enter the room on the right. Turn on the light switch to make things easier.
In the room on the right you will start the "boss fight" against Water Eater
  • Interact with the next room at the back of the area.
  • A film will start. Get closer to the monster and press the controls that will appear on the screen.

How to shoot at the target with cans

Take the empty beer cans from the kitchen and throw them in the wastebasket next to the fridge. Now take it outside. Once outside, interact with the trash can again and a cutscene will start in which Chris will put the cans in a pyramid position on the fence at the front door.

All you have to do is aim with the right stick and shoot with R2 (PS4). The task will be completed when you've knocked them all down.

How to decode the secret map

Here's what you need to do to decode the secret map.

  • First, you must find the Secret Decoder. It's in the secret compartment in Chris' tree house. As you can see in the picture.
Use your powers to open the secret compartment...

  • So, go back to Chris' room and interact with the Secret Map between his desk and the bed.
  • Tilt the decoder until everything aligns - use the numbers to help you. Make sure that each red circle has a number inside it, from 1 to 4.
  • The map then shows that the treasure is buried in The Maze of Doom, outside the house. It also contains the coordinates you have to take when you are inside: left, right, left, left.
  • Head outside and approach the broken fence and debris on the left. Enter the maze. To get out, take the directions described above.

How to unlock your father's smartphone

To unlock your father's smartphone, you will need the PIN.

The PIN is the word HAWT DAWG in numbers.

We'll make it short: interact with the laptop on the table and you'll find the word HAWTDAWG. You have to translate those letters as if they were numbers on a mobile phone keypad (remember when we used to send SMS?).

The PIN number is 42983294

This is all you need to know to finish The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

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