Fallout 4: The 7 Things to Do as Soon as Possible

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Fallout Now in its fourth chapter, it is a truly immense game, full of hidden objects and secret elements that, often, the player would like to find from the first day he takes over the game. Fallout 4 , an open world shooter, was developed by Bethedsa Game Studio and produced by Bethesda Softworks in 2015.
Although the game has now been out for two years, there are still many things that players are unaware of, and thanks to this "little" guide, you can discover the 7 things to do as soon as possible.

1. Go home

In addition to getting the scoop on Shawn from CodsworthOn your way home, take the access to Grognak's upgraded comic book on the kitchen counter, while a special upgrade is in Shawn's bedroom. Across the street you will find the "Crafting Station", the work table where you can create and store new objects.
Nearby houses can also contain several safes that often contain money, ammunition that is worth collecting.

one of the many safes of Fallout 4 which may contain interesting objects

2. Take the Fatman and a Mini Nuke

It is better to always be prepared. To the east of the Sanctuary is the Robot Disposal Camp. It's west of USAF Olivia Satellite Stationbeyond the point of impact. Perched outside the station is a deactivated robot and, behind him, on top of a pile of garbage is sitting a Fatman launcher.

Take the launcher, but remember: it's not very useful without ammunition. Then head east towards the Olivia Satellite Station. Behind a closed door, in the first sublevel, there is a Mini Nuke. To reach it, you'll either have to hack the advanced terminal, or go further down in the basement. Once there, you'll find a cassette leaning against a stool in the cockroach-infested back room. Inside this box you will find the key for the closed door.

Where to find the Mini Nuke

3.Get the Corvega depot key and the Laser Musket in Concord

It's very easy to get lost, but once you get to Concord and you helped Prestonyou'll end up with a large number of Raiders dead on the road. Depose the bodies very carefully, because one of them has the key which opens a closed door that is inside the car system at Corvega.

The moment you look among the corpses of the Raiders the key to the Corvega Depot

The door, which is located on the lower floor, can be reached through the main entrance to the production floor. Next to the door is a watchtower, inside which there is an ammunition depot. Also, do not miss the Laser Musket that you can find just outside the Museumnext to the dead Raider.

4.Get the Fusion Cores

I Fusion Cores are absolutely necessary to be able to use the Power Armora special type of armor in Fallout. It is a finite resource that must be used conservatively. There are several hiding places that can be found by taking a simple walk at the Sanctuaryand you can take the target to collect all the cores.

The first core is hidden inside a cavern which, protected by the Molerati, is located underneath the Red Rocket which is located outside the Sanctuary. The core you will find it in the right-most part of the three branches just entered the cave on the ground next to the ruined reactor. Take it immediately because this area is radioactive

Another core is located south of the Red Rocket Truck Stop, inside the basement of the Concord Museum of Freedom. It's easy to get as you just follow the collapsed floor at the bottom of the large main staircase of the large room. The core is behind a fence, which can be opened by a simple hack of the terminal. Preston Garvey and the Minutements, the faction that defends human principles in the Confederation, are located in the room above, and you can use the core to help them and request a suit of Power Armor for you.

You will find another core close to Sanctuary which is located east of the city, in the basement of the USAF Olivia Satellite Station...dominated by the huge satellite. The core is located in the great hall of the reactor which is in the base station.
Another easily found core is located near the robotic remediation stationwhich is located near the satellite station.

The Reactor Room

The core you'll find it just outside the building, in a large green box located near the robotic body outside, near the door.
A fifth core that you can easily find, is located on the shelf of the largest closet behind the screen at the Starlight Drive-in.
A sixth core is hidden in the basement of Mystic Pinesjust south of Rotten Landfill. The core you'll find him in the small basement behind a locked door.

5. Stock up on Armor

In addition to the power armor you can get to help you Preston a Concordyou'll also be aware of a stash of clothes found in the forest near an airplane that crashed between USAF Satellite e the robotic remediation plant east of Sanctuary.
The parts here can be stored and used next to your main dress to reinforce and repair or repair yourself to give a spare dress.
You can also use one of your new cores to move your spare dress either to the Sanctuary or to a base of your choice.


6.Store heavy weapons

The Minigun and the Fatman you get at Concord are very heavy. Being a problem the weight in Falloutyou'd better keep the two weapons in the storeroom of your work station at the Sanctuary. This area, which is vast, can be reached by quick travel.
By doing so, you can memorize all the good weapons you'll find during the game. If you're not going to lose a powerful weapon, save it and come back later. There will be, in fact, in many locations in the Confederation, a lot of other workbenches, the important thing is to remember where you stored your favorite weapons.

7.Take the Red Menace (Mingame)

The coated terminal in the Vault 111 it's easy to find, but at the beginning of the game you may not know you can take the game chest. After trying the Red Menace remember to pick up the box so you can play with it whenever and wherever you want.

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