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The first Terra Battle managed to capture the attention of many mobile players in 2014: the title, despite having some flaws, worked great and in the sequel Terra Battle 2 a lot of new mechanics were introduced. We're faced with a rather complex RPG, but don't worry! Thanks to this little guide you'll discover some tricks that will make your life easier.

Mastering the elements

At Terra Battle 2 there are nine elements to manage, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Attacking an enemy with any elemental blow will do normal damage, while betting on his elemental weakness will immediately double the damage inflicted. Take some time to study the weaknesses and strengths of enemies and elements!


Certain enemies (bosses for example) have certain patterns that need to be learned in order to attack safely. So the first runs must be used to memorize the bosses' movements and exploit the openings: the enemy can be tremendously difficult, but there is always a time to hit!


When the player starts a level related to the story, the title offers the possibility to play in Synced mode. By choosing this option your level and skills will be partially blocked, but you will earn great rewards in return. Try experimenting with this mode at least once!

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